This hit me hard- I almost didn't write it... 🌟

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“A good friend can never truly be lost. Their energy lives on in the hearts and minds of those who loved them.”


I don't know about you, but I took the news about Matthew Perry (FRIENDS) pretty hard...

But maybe not for the reasons you think.


While I did not know him personally, He was a great actor, a funny comedian, all around nice guy for sure-


but he also struggled with addiction and although eventurally he sought help to become clean and sober; it probably took a toll on his body.

For anyone who has addiction in their family or social sphere (I'm guessing it's a pretty high percentage); this is not an uncommon tale.

(It's affected me personally too, so I speak from experience)


The person with addiction is usually the big personality, the charmer, the fun friend who hides behind a mask.


Why am I talking about it this week?


Aside from my personal life being affected- I write because I work with so many people in my coaching practice who deal with mental illness, addiction and personality disorders within their own families.

They are learning to manage their own energy through some very difficult situations. (NOTE: I always refer to medical professionals when necessary)


I get it.

And if this is you- you're not alone.

I am sending extra HUGS.




This week I want to give some tips on how to help:



1) It's not your responsibility to HEAL someone else


2) Find a good support system for yourself


3) Double down on self-care


4) Reassure them that it's okay to seek help-

that people can go on to live productive lives after they get clean


5) Honor the paradox of mixed emotions (let go of guilt)


6) Help them when you can, but don't enable



7) Put your energy where you can make a difference


8) Compile a list of resources


9) SEEK professional help (therapy, medical, etc)






I ALMOST didn't write this!

I thought it might be too heavy for my usually upslifting weekly inspirations-

but as I'm not one to shy from deep topics, I wanted to share with my beautiful readers that we can take away the stigma of mental illness, addiction and other disorders.

Please take good care of yourself, your heart and your soul.




Wishing you a great week where you walk with

Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose!


love, cathie



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