Harmony and Balance IS Possible

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“When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.”

— Louise Hay




This week I want to talk about

Harmony and Balance



One of my recent coaching clients was struggling.


She's trying to make sense of the world, juggling many things

having her boundaries tested left and right.


She's exhausted, drained and feeling a bit hopeless.


Does this sound familiar?

(maybe you or someone you know?)


It's not uncommon as the energies are picking up the pace this year

and dare I say it's going to even faster?


My client is feeling worn out.

and the mention of

Harmony and Balance

sounded so far off.


But, as I told her, there's always hope-

and the power lies within YOU!


Our recent session consisted of us putting together a realistic plan for her to move forward.


Here's a part of what we came up with:


1) Start by integrating Mindfulness throughout the day

(when you find yourself caught up in negative thinking, STOP and bring your awareness back to center)


2) Create a Mantra- ("I'm doing the best I can, "I handle anything that comes my way", "I believe in my ability to figure things out", or the ever popular, "Everything is always working out for me")


3) STOP, TAKE A BREATH, RE-ORIENT- (self explanatory)


It's been 5 days since our last session and she said she's doing so much better!"


The takeaway is that this in an ongoing practice.


 Life is fluid, it ebbs and flows and learning to dance with the ups and downs is key.


Time to take your power back!

Wishing you a great week, a magical,

Joyful and much light to fill your heart.


love, catherine


PS: If you're needing a bit of support to help you find some Harmony and Balance, Check out my free resources HERE 




Don't walk this path alone, find the support you need- Life is all about connecting and living from the place of joy within.


   LOVE to help people make peace with themselves

so they can quiet their minds,

and live more fully from their hearts- to walk with Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose.


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