About Us

Catherine Russo Epstein

Catherine Epstein, founder of the Living Lotus Group, is an experienced guide and instructor in meditation, as well as an author, Reiki Master of the Traditional USUI Method, Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America (GG), and Certified Transformational Life Coach (CPC).

"Advancing Humanity through Heart centered teachings such as            Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mastery"

Catherine has written and developed several books and online courses, including “Gateways of Inspiration” and “The Divine Dining.Method.” In addition to the weekly meditations she holds at the Sea Cliff Wellness Center and her Woodbury location in Absolute Yoga, Catherine has led meditations and taught workshops for hundreds of people over the years, at public venues and private events alike.  She has performed crystal singing bowls and sound healing meditations at yoga studios, private retreats, as well as at the Open Center in NYC and in a private staff class at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

Motivated by the desire to make a difference, Catherine’s purpose is to help others transform their lives: whether through her weekly meditations, workshops and sound healing sessions or through the one-on-one experiences of individual reiki and life-coaching, Catherine’s life work is to reconnect others with their own hearts, aligning them with their soul’s path and their own divine intuition – a calling that manifested in Living Lotus Group, founded in 1989 as Artisan’s Well.

Living Lotus Group is a dynamic resource for transformational tools of spiritual growth. A New York-based company rooted in holistic healing and mindful living, Living Lotus Group provides classes, workshops, and meditations; one-on-one and group services such as life-coaching, reiki, and sound healing; and artisanal jewelry, healing stones, crystal kits and more through its retail branch, Jewels of the Lotus.

Whether it is by purchasing a piece of Jewels of the Lotus’ one-of-a-kind jewelry, enrolling in a class, or participating in a meditation, Catherine’s intention and the larger aim of Living Lotus Group is to help one tap into her own inner wisdom.

We believe in fair wages, recycled packaging, living consciously, artistry, beauty, and peace.