Total Eclipse of Your Heart 💖

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~Cast a long shadow

~Glow with Excitement

~Live in the moment

~Keep a sense of wonder

~Embrace a little lunacy

~Don't be afraid of the dark

~Celebrate Natures' cycles

~Lighten up





It's finally here!


The much talked about


Total Solar Eclipse.



Can you feel the energy?


If you're sensitive, you've been probably feeling it for a while.


Look around you at the people in your circle.


Are they acting a bit "off the rails?"


No kidding this is a potent time we're in!


And, from what I understand about the energetics of Eclipses; they set off a series of events that means change for all.


It doesn't just last for one day- it kicks off the changes to come for at least the next 6 months.


But, there's some good news in all of this

(keep reading).


Last week, I had the pleasure once again to speak at the

Lodge at Woodloch Spa in Hawley PA.

(woo-hoo to my 7th year!)


It's always an honor for me as I meet the most remarkeable people from all over.


Last week I taught the class:

Master Your Energy/ Manifest Joy.


It's one of my signature classes as it embodies all of my teachings.


Which brings me to this weekly email.


I'm going to share with you how to make the most of this energy and to transform it to your highest good!


7 ways to Harness the Energy of the Eclipse


1) Stay out of fear


2) Find Gratitude for all you have


3) Vision your future (what do you want?)


4) Tighten your boundaries


5) Get out in nature and connect with the Earth


6) Honor the silence within


7) Find JOY in the little things



This is your time to CREATE THE FUTURE you desire.


BE intentional, BE clear and most of all,

BE authentic.


Give yourself permission to stop playing it small!


Let me show you how.


For over 25+ years, I've been helping people to quiet their minds, make peace with themselves so they can live a more soul aligned life. Through my products,, programs and teachings- I will guide you through the steps to help you gain

clarity, focus and alignment


to create a more heart (and soul) aligned life.


And, I have some great offerings to help you through!


Please check out my free resources






Wishing you a great week, a magical,

Joyful and much light to fill your heart.


love, catherine

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