Making Conscious Choices

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"Put LOVE behind all of your choices

and you will create the reality of your dreams.”

~catherine epstein






Making Conscious Choices


Decisions that shape our lives


 I've been reflecting on choices I've made in my life.


Some were conscious choices and some were unconscious. 


Some were really great and led me to amazing things, some choices caused misunderstandings that needed to be worked through and some choices were downright,

"screw it, I'm going to do it anyway" choices.


Sometimes, I acted out of fear, and sometimes I acted out of love-


Although I don't have regrets,

I can see where I had the experiences I needed to have.


The lessons I've learned were all about helping me to be the better version of me.


A recent client told me she couldn't stop ruminating on choices she made a few years ago- and that she'd wished she had done things differently.


Does this sound familiar?


As we sat through her process, and discussed how she needed to take it easier on herself- how dwelling on the past- was not serving her.


After further discussion, powerful questions and some inner wisdom work, she was able to see the gift of the choices she made.


Understanding what it taught her and brought her gave her a whole new level of clarity and acceptance.


That realization allowed her to recognize we cannot change the past- we can only learn from it.


When we know better, we do better


This BEing Human can be a messy process, so this week, I ask you to view choices you've made in your life through a different lens.


A lens of compassion, heart and tenderness.


Here are some tips to help you:


💎Clear the clutter in your life (both inner and outer)


💎Clarify your intention and goal(s)


💎Focus on your heart


💎Ask to remove limiting thoughts and fears


💎Surround yourself with light


💎Follow your energy (rest when you are tired)


💎Vision each path and see which holds the most light for you


💎Ask to be shown the next step toward your goal


💎See yourself living the life of your dreams


💎 Be a pillar of peace throughout your day



Put your whole heart behind your choices and your life will certainly lead you to magical places. 


Put your whole being behind your choices and let yourself be shown the highest path. 





🔥 Lastly, when you are making a choice,

simply ask yourself this powerful question:


"Does this action support the life I am creating?"


Then make your choices around that answer.





If you find yourself at a crossroads and you're needing

some guidance on your next steps-

reach out to me.


I LOVE helping people to cut through the noise in their busy brains so they can help make the choices that will lead them to their dreams!


love, cathie

💥PS: Give yourself permission to stop playing it small!


Let me show you how.


This past week has been incredible!

I've taken on several new clients (Coaching and Reiki)


Maybe it's the Eclipse, or that people are getting tired of the

same-ol, same -ol;


I'm noticing more people are waking up and saying "enough!".


They are desiring deep and lasting change.


Sound familiar?


For over 25+ years, I've been helping people to quiet their minds, make peace with themselves so they can live a more soul aligned life.


Through my products, programs and teachings- I will guide you through the steps to help you gain

clarity, focus and alignment

to create a more heart (and soul) aligned life.


And, I have some great offerings to help you through!


Please check out my free resources



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