Are You Living From Your Heart?

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I've been speaking to so many people lately and in my informal poll about what they are looking for, craving or needing most in their lives... I've finally narrowed down what people want most.                                                                                      
Are you ready for it?
The Number 1 thing that people are looking for most is:


How do I know this?
It is the face of "Becky" whose shoulders went soft when I asked her if she was ready to make peace with herself..
it's in the face of "Carol" who tells me, she just wants to stop pleasing everyone else, and start pleasing herself,
it's in the face of "Susan" who .started to cry when I told her that it's my mission to help people to reconnect with their hearts.
"Oh, I would LOVE that - she said"
For the past few newsletters, I've been hinting out a new project that I've been rolling out and I'm super excited to share it with you here.
"Living From the Heart" a monthly series that I've been teaching live for years is now going on-line! You've been asking for a more affordable way to access these Heart Centered Teachings- and I've answered with a JOY and Passion like I've not known before!
You see, I'm on a mission to help people to transform their lives by reconnecting them to their hearts, to shine their light and live the life they were born to live!
If you know me personally, you know that I "walk my talk." I share my own challenges and triumphs as well as mistakes and my "human-ness" :)
I'm on a mission to share all of my work (over 20 years worth) with as many heart-centered people as possible.
I've created a Monthly Group Program for members only- where you will getexclusive access to all of the Heart Centered Teachings, of Mindfulness, Meditation and Mastery. (So many tools, techniques- oh my!)
Each month we'll cover topics like:
~How to make decisions easily
~Get Clarity, Confidence and Focus
~Have better boundaries (stop being everyone's "it" person)
~How to feel more AWAKE, AWARE and ALIVE.
Oh and so much more!
The kicker?
series is ONLY $44 per month. (ask me about quarterly and yearly discounts too!)
Want to learn more?  Take 2 minutes and watch this:

YOU Are the reason...
>>>> I am so passionate about the work I do; that I wake up every day with You in mind and how I can create the best products, programs, teachings, etc
>>>I'm passionate about helping people to release their limiting beliefs to create an epic tale of a life without regrets – a life where opportunities aren’t lost, but taken… truth isn’t silenced, but spoken… mistakes aren’t the end, but a beginning of something better. 
We are all on this journey together. May we breathe in peaceful, loving kindness and may all be free together.       



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