The Miracle of the Mundane World ~ 3 Ways to Bring JOY Back Into Your Life!

March 01, 2019

HG Wells quote Each Moment of Life is a Miracle

 Life is a Miracle and a Mystery

 At the beginning of this year, I set an intention to bring more JOY back into my life. and to have more fun.
Some of you might know that 2018 was a fairly rocky year for me; (as I know it was for many of you too) but I'm a firm believer in letting the past teach me what I need to learn and pay attention to living in the present.                                                      
So, in January- I made the commitment to myself to see the miracles in the every day, take pleasure in the mundane world and stop living in my brain so much.
                                 How is that working out for me?                                                                                                     
When I bring JOY into the room with me, I can feel a huge shift! For myself and for the many clients I work with, I notice that this energy transforms us.
When JOY comes along with me into everything I do; the world looks brighter and more infinite possibilities unfold. BUT, let me be clear- this is not "spiritual by-pass" where we pretend everything is well, even when it's messy.
What I see is a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation for all of life and the myriad of emotions!
JOY elates the heart, uplifts the soul and transcends the appearance of the outside world!
Just like that, JOY, a simple word- can transport you to the realms of miracles!                      
So I ask you this:                                                                                                                  
Where do you find JOY in your life? (I'll tell you mine further down)...                                
Here are 3 Ways to get you started!
1)Take some time to celebrate your own heart- in all its glory!
The heart has the ability to stay open during sadness, and, joy, friendship, listening to a friend, connecting with a child, The heart has the capacity to be strong, yet vulnerable, soft, yet tough, grateful and accepting. Keep it open, keep it loving, keep it radiant!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
2) Learn how to be your authentic self
When we open our hearts and give from our true authentic selves,something magical happens. We allow our true divine radiance to flow through us and as it does,  it heals and transforms us.
 In turn, it heals and transforms those around us. 
The true nature of giving arises not from, but through us.                                                
3) Don't take things so seriously. Get Silly!
What is your definition of play and how often do you do it? Sometimes when the heart feels heavy, we can’t connect with that which brings us joy- but when we are able to manage a tiny opening into the depths of a closed heart, the light that gets into that opening helps to widen it further.                                                                 
How can you rediscover your sense of joy? When was the last time you laughed a deep and hearty laugh? We humans are a tough bunch and can be attached to our drama and our stories. It is time to break free from the heaviness and let your heart be truly open! When you reconnect with Joy, you gain insight and perspective.                                                                                                                   
Thus, the flow of energy becomes a beautiful stream of light that we can fully incorporate within.and therefore allow our true radiance  to shine out. 
Choosing to give from our hearts means letting go of what we expect in return. It means truly living in the moment and allowing the act of giving to be the point. In doing so, our hearts can open like the lotus flower.                                                            
As promised: here are my answers:
>>>>> I look for the joy in the smallest of things, the peeking of the crocus under the remaining snow, how cozy my bed feels at the end of a long day, that first sip of coffee in the morning, when I hear a favorite song from the 70's being played in a store, sharing a smile with others on that long line in the post office, being that annoying one who dances down the supermarket aisle to that 70's disco song , ...oh and my list goes on.                                                                                                    
>>>> But most of all, what brings me joy is YOU! Whether we've met in person or in one of my on-line groups, or you've just joined my list, whether we've known each other for eons- or you're brand new to me-
Know this one thing.
YOU Are the reason:
>>>> I am so passionate about the work I do; that I wake up every day with You in mind and how I can create the best products, programs, teachings, etc.                 
And, talk about JOY! I finally finished The Divine Dining Method website! I invite you to please take a look; check out the new self-study courses and share with any friends who might love to learn Mindful Eating.                                                   
We are all on this journey together. May we breathe in peaceful, loving kindness and may all be free together.                            
Want to learn more how to live more fully from your heart? 

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