July 2024- It's Finally HERE!

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“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."
~Leo Tolstoy
Happy July!
It's finally here!
And it required both patience and time!
What is "it?"
I'm super excited to announce that the book
I've been talking about for months now
is finally live and available on Amazon!
Check it out HERE
It's called "Walk with Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Living on Autopilot and Start Living From Your Soul"
.=>How it started <=
After years of working with many people, I lost count of the number of people who said to me that they
wish they were more present in their lives.
They felt like life was moving so quickly, that
they felt they were just running through the motions
and living on autopilot.
When asked what they want most out of life, they would almost always respond with two words- inner peace.
Added to the folks who said they needed to have better boundaries deal with toxic co-workers, or family members and stand more fully in their power.
But most of importantly, most of the people I spoke with want to live with more purpose.
===>How it unfolded <===
Last year, I was feeling the urge to start writing
Although I wasn't sure at the time what the book would be about, I felt that so many of us
are not living up to our full potential.
I was working with so many people who play it small all the while unaware of how MAGICAL they truly are.

That we are ALL energy beings.
Then I woke up one morning with the following words flowing through me:
“There lies within each and every one of us an essence, a great storehouse of power beyond what our mere mortal mind can grasp. You can’t see it, but once you can fully trust that it is there- you become unstoppable. Learning to step out beyond the immediate surroundings and circumstances- is the great challenge before you.”
Once you know that you can access this inner essence and how to do it, you can indeed walk with Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose.”
===> How it continues <===
I've already taught classes based on the book and I know its powerful teachings.
Yes it is simple, easy to read and digestible.
So here's where YOU come in.
I'd love for you to order the book, and if you're inspired-
please review it and pass it along to others.
Grab your copy HERE
Have a great week filled with
Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose!
Remember, you have the power to create the life you desire and deserve.
Let's impact the world!

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