Nourish Your Soul- Weekly Reflection for Inner Peace

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“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit.

Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.”


—Saint Francis de Sales




This week I want to talk about

How to Nourish Your Soul and

some reflections for inner peace.


 You may remember a few months ago,

I told you I'm writing my latest book...


It's called:


Walk with Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose.

Your guide to stop living on autopilot and start living a soul aligned life




I wrote most of it, late last year- but then I suddenly STOPPED.


Truthfully, life got in the way-

and- I put the project aside.


Well, the interesting thing is that I didn't even realize that I was in a funk until I started reading the manuscript.


As I re-read it, I felt my POWER return.

(I didn't even know it wasn't fully there)


And then came to this passage:


"Here’s a bold statement.


What that means is to not let anything outside of you affect your inner state. That’s a tall order given that we live in a pretty hectic society- but that is what our true practice is.

It’s about accepting the upheavals, dealing with emotions, and facing the certain ups and downs that are all part of living the human experience. But, let me be clear; this acceptance of what is, is NOT about giving in or letting people take advantage of us. Nor is about letting abusive behavior continue on any level.

PEACE is more a radical state of living inside our true nature as much of the time as we can- so that WHEN the cosmic 2x4 hits; we can deal with the situation all the while staying tapped into that inner state. 

This requires practice. Sometimes, our response is a knee-jerk reaction that blurts out before we have time to process. 

One thing I've learned along this journey, is to not look for PEACE outside of yourself. Depending on where you look, there's always chaos and there's always PEACE...

The good news is, you get to decide what you are focusing on.

When you focus on what is good and true- that's what you'll see. Stay Peaceful, Stay Positive..."


(excerpt from: Walk with Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose)


Coming soon!



I don't know about you, but I thought this was a great reminder to practice being peace.


Yes, life continually throws us off course, but it is our practice to bring our energy back to center, and reclaim our peace.



Then, I read the rest of the manuscript and I have to say that it helped me tremendously.


For now, be a little patient with me and I'll let you know as soon as it's ready!


 I can't WAIT to share the rest of it with you.





Time to take your power back!

Wishing you a great week, a magical,

Joyful and much light to fill your heart.


And, some Inner Peace!


love, catherine


PS: If you're needing a bit of support to help you find you Inner Peace, simply check out my free resources HERE 


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