Soulstice Time

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“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.”

~ John Lubbock




Happy Summer Soulstice!


Do you feel differently?


I ask this because I want you to think about where you were a year ago.


Are you feeling more peaceful, joyful and in harmony?


If the answer is "YES" then

ask yourself "what's changed?"


If the answer is "NO" then ask yourself "what needs to change."?





Although they might seem like simple questions;

they aren't really.


Questions like these are designed to get below the surface, to dig really deep, and to help you uncover and discover what you truly desire.

Not what other's desire for you,

Not what you think you should want,

but your deepest and most magical wish for your life.


This requires a stepping back from your daily life.


Perhaps a respite from the every day.


Grab a blanket, lay on the grass, (or the beach) and spend time in idleness. Watch the clouds go by.

Leave your worries in a magical box.

(you can always pick them back up again when you're finished) (or not)


✨Treat yourself to a fun Summer yummy!

(ice cream, a frozen drink, or some juicy berries)


Doesn't have to be food or drink!


✨Take yourself to a different park,

Grab a trashy book and go sit by the water,

Have lunch at a fancy outdoor cafe


✨ Soak up the Soulstice Sun!


In other words,

step outside your comfort zone and enjoy the summer energy!





Many people come to me feeling overwhelmed, lost and a bit anxious....


and finding that after our work together,

they go from 'chaos to calm'




If that sounds like something you desire (and who doesn't desire calmness?) OR, if you're needing some additional support to find your way back to peace joy and harmony,

I can help!


"Speaking with Catherine was like talking with a long time friend; the conversation was supportive and her questions come from a genuine place of positivity and healing. It was a reminder for me to be as kind to myself as she was to me. Self care is important now more than ever and before any transformation can take place, I have to first allow myself to be open to self love and self care. That is the first step on a journey of a thousand steps- knowing my “why” and being kind to the layers of protection that served a purpose is key. Thank you, Catherine!"


Let's  get you started on the path to lasting change!



Wishing you a week filled with

Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose!



Don't wait for things to can create the change!

Let's begin today!


love, cathie


PS: If you're serious about taking charge of your life, check out my free resources HERE


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