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"There are difficult periods that are inherent to a path.

It's not a sign of things gone wrong."

-Sharon Salzberg




Exciting News!



Last week, I told you that I was working on obtaining a small space for Reiki / Life Coaching and I'm happy to announce



Located in Glen Cove, I'll be doing in person

Reiki and Life Coaching sessions again on a much more

regular basis.


Since I closed my store in 2018, I've had to navigate working out of other spaces-


and while my coaching practice is still mainly on Zoom;

many people wanted in-person Reiki/Sound Healing sessions.


So, if you're experiencing any challenges, are facing a big decision, feeling a bit out-of-sorts, loss of focus, or general malaise, REACH OUT TO ME!!

(even if you live far away, I'm still available for Zoom sessions)





I have so many ways to help you and my clients get

immediate, positive and powerful results


Here's how I helped a recent client:


She signed up for the 6 Week Optimal Wellness Class.


"Hi Cathie,

Since the turn of the new year, I had been struggling. Not feeling healthy, and overall dragging. Between work and home it all felt overwhelming. 

When I decided to take the course, I was looking for something that would connect me to, now that I took the course I have the words, improved self-talk, inner peace and a calmer approach to issues. 

This course allowed me an opportunity to express myself in a safe space and get off my chest things I had been unwittingly carrying. I am so grateful for the 6 weeks where this course provided guidance and internal resolutions. 

I feel so much better and relieved that this course helped me get back on track. Thank you!!"




I'd like to remind you that our life challenges aren't a sign that things have gone wrong, (see above quote)

but a gentle reminder

that sometimes we need to re-direct our focus.


 Once again, I want to send out Love, and Healing vibes to anyone going through some challenges (and who isn't these days?)



Wishing you a week filled with

Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose!

Don't wait for things to can create the change!

Let's begin today!


love, cathie


PS: If you're serious about taking charge of your life, check out my free resources HERE

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