MAY 2024- Our Impact

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“When we make that decision to live more consciously, to set our intentions
to live more fully to our purpose in life,
it sets wheels in motion and will bring us opportunities that we could never dream of. 
We inspire others to live to their full potential and it ripples out into the world. 
We move beyond ourselves and our daily lives and that is how we impact humanity."
~catherine epstein
Happy May!
The time has come to live with conscious intention
and to live more fully from our hearts.
I know you want to live a life of meaning and purpose
and I'm here to assure you that you already are.
Just by being your true authentic self.
When you live from your heart, you set an example
for others to do the same.
A personal story.
The other day, I was waiting for my Reiki client.
As I entered the yoga studio, there were a few people
who were taking the Yoga Teacher training and were there
for an impromptu study session.
One of the women introduced herself and said this,
"you don't remember me, but I was at your Singing Bowls meditation many years ago (about 10 years ago).
You, your teaching and the meditation class made such an impact on me that I went on leave my corporate job, I became a Reiki Master, studied holistic healing and am now on the road to become a Yoga teacher.
You've made such a profound impact and I'm so grateful."
Whoa~ by the time she was finished speaking, I had tears in my eyes.
This touched me deeply.
Here's a woman that had just happened to attend a class I was giving.
I was just busy being me; sharing the joy of the Singing Bowls, Mindfulness Meditation with no
expectation of anything in return.
My prayer 🙏 at the beginning of every class that I teach;
is to give everyone what they need for their highest and best good.
So, that brings me to YOU.
While we don't always know the impact we make;
just know that:
the kind word you said to the person in the store,
that door you held for someone who was struggling with their packages,
the shoulder you let another lean on when they were having a rough day,
the compassion you showed that mom whose toddler was having a meltdown,
(I could go on)
Think about it.
You ARE making a difference in this world (although you might not know it); just by setting your intention to live a more conscious, kind and compassionate life.
We are all here to make an impact-
large or small!
Just be yourself.
Remember, you have the power to create the life you desire and deserve.
Let's impact the world!

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