Ride through the Holidays with GRACE and EASE


Ride Through the Holidays with Grace and Ease

IN this month of holiday frenzy and non-stop activity…remember that grace comes in many guises. Here are some ways to give
and receive grace in your life…

~Take a pause in the moment and connect with your body
~Share a sincere compliment with someone
~Lighten your load by making people smile. (it really works!)
~Take responsibility for yourself
~While on line in a store connect with your breath
~When someone offers to help….take it!
~Let the snow fall on your face
~Breathe deeply while sipping a hot cup of tea
~Bring fresh flowers into your home
~Eat mindfully
~Be the observer of your thoughts
~Become aware of outer distractions
~Softly connect with your heart
~Feel the love that is all around you
~Read uplifting words
~Write your deepest desires in your journal


Wishing you and your family a beautiful Holiday!  

Wishing you All LOVE, All WAYS,   cathie


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