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Ride through the Holidays with GRACE and EASE

by Catherine Epstein December 10, 2015

Ride through the Holidays with GRACE and EASE

Ride Through the Holidays with Grace and Ease

IN this month of holiday frenzy and non-stop activity…remember that grace comes in many guises. Here are some ways to give
and receive grace in your life…

~Take a pause in the moment and connect with your body
~Share a sincere compliment with someone
~Lighten your load by making people smile. (it really works!)
~Take responsibility for yourself
~While on line in a store connect with your breath
~When someone offers to help….take it!
~Let the snow fall on your face
~Breathe deeply while sipping a hot cup of tea
~Bring fresh flowers into your home
~Eat mindfully
~Be the observer of your thoughts
~Become aware of outer distractions
~Softly connect with your heart
~Feel the love that is all around you
~Read uplifting words
~Write your deepest desires in your journal


Wishing you and your family a beautiful Holiday!  

Wishing you All LOVE, All WAYS,   cathie


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Catherine Epstein
Catherine Epstein


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