Sometimes Surrender is the Best Action….


Sometimes Surrender is the best action…. 

By Catherine Epstein


Sometimes, Surrender is the best action…

I’ve come to the realization lately that I can’t control everything.                     No, really~ I can’t control it all, much as I’d like.

Currently, the circumstances of my life are driving this point home to me~ again and again.  It’s time for me to come into Acceptance and Surrender to the moment.

Take a look at your life right now.  Where are you needing to step back and surrender? Where can you let go of trying to go against the way the current is flowing?

“But, I’m not ready to give up,” you say.

This is not to say that you need to “give up”~ which has more of a fear based component to it, and when fear is the underlying force behind anything~ then the manifestation is less than stellar.

It does mean that it is time to become larger than your problems and to see them already solved and in miraculous ways.  It means having a faith that is so strong, that it over-rides anything in the outer appearance of your life.

It means a healthy dose of Trust~

Trust in yourself,

Trust in the Universe and

Trust that all will work out well.

Your life is your mission~ and sometimes that means to let go of trying to control every step.

Surrender is a way of re-inforce your belief in the ultimate magic of the Universe.  Surrender is a bold act that takes guts and courage.

If you can only remember the true nature of the Universe and that your purpose of life is to awaken fully~ you can step away from the everyday life and re-connect with your highest self.

Let go of fear, doubt and worry~ they are drains on your energy.

As I tell many of my Life-Coaching clients~  “Resignation is giving up, Surrender is letting go.” Feel the energetic difference between these two.


Take a closer look at your life now.  What is it that you need to surrender? Believe that where you are right now is necessary for your soul growth and that this is all part of the larger plan.

Breathe deep and relax into the knowledge that all will be well.

Remember, Sometimes Surrender is the best action.

All love, All Ways~  cathie

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Be still for a moment. Let the mind settle down. Connect with your inner self and simply allow yourself to be. Bring your awareness to the fact that you are connected to everything and everyone When you feel the body gently relax, set your intention to be open to loving what is in your life. This means to have an open heart for the challenges and the lessons as well as all the joy. By accepting everything as it is in this moment in time- we release the struggles.

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