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Living Lotus Group has MOVED to a new location, Absolute Yoga Studio in Woodbury, NY!

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Working with Crystals | Gateways of Inspiration | Crystals as Healing Tools

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The Divine Dining Program taught me to sit and relax while eating and to savor my food instead of rushing through a meal. I was often guilty of leaving the table mid-meal to write a note or put something away. Now I have been treating each meal as a sensory experience.

Thank you so much for yesterday's transformational workshop. I really enjoyed it and look forward to other workshops. You have a wealth of knowledge and I enjoy gleaning information from you. You have so much to offer!



We are loving the biomat!!!! My husband has been using it and he has reduced his chronic pain, my son too. I tried it with one of my clients and she said she had the best sleep she has had in a long time. 


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