Can Working With a Life Coach Change Your Life?

December 05, 2015

Can Working With a Life Coach Change Your Life?

Can Working with a Life Coach, Change your life?

by Catherine Epstein, Transformational Life Coach

Can you imagine beginning a journey with someone who believes in you enough to help make your life WORK?

Someone who doesn’t  criticize?

Someone who will help you to create more balance and to help you make positive changes?

Someone who supports you through these changes in a non-judgmental way?

Someone who keeps you focused on your goals and visions?

Someone who speaks in a spiritual way from a grounded perspective?

Someone who reminds you of your inner courage and your abilities.

“Life coaching with Cathy has been transformative.  Wherever you are is where you start.  Cathy listens and you collaborate on moving forward, taking steps to make small significant changes that over time add up or, if you’re ready, big changes that make a big difference pretty quickly.  It’s work, but really rewarding work.”

If you’ve ever considered working with a Life Coach; consider the possibilities of how it can Transform Your Life!

But, you must be ready.  You must be willing to fully take charge of  your life and accept that the responsibility lies with you.  It takes work, guts and courage to make some changes, but the end result is well worth it!

My years of training and subsequent years of coaching hundreds of people, have brought me to the realization that deep down inside, we are all pretty much the same. We all want to be peaceful and content. We all want to manage our time more efficiently.  We all want to express ourselves and to live as deeply as possible.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a Life Coach:

  • You will start to live as your Highest Self
  • You will start to look at your life differently
  • You will start to make decisions about your life from a deeper place
  • You become more connected to your highest Self.
  • You will start to have a kinder and gentler conversation with yourself.


“My time with Cathy is precious to me.  It is time that I’ve carved out to take a good look at myself and where I’m headed.  Cathy helps me become aware by asking some well-placed questions in the middle of our discussions.  Coaching is your time to have someone really listen to what you’re saying and help you help yourself to the place you want to go.”



I will tell you that I’m so inspired and passionate in helping people make positive changes in their lives!

If’ you’d like to find out more about how working with a Life Coach can help shift your life~  reach out to me and we can discuss!

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