Re-Minding- The Gifts of a Mindfulness Practice

May 05, 2015

lotus flowers in lily pond

How often do you sit and observe your thoughts?

We all have been reading and learning about how being more Mindful can help us to reduce stress and improve our relationships and interactions with others.  There are many articles about how to have and to develop a daily meditation practice.  There are so many different ways to meditate and one of my favorites is the Mindfulness meditation.  Mindfulness can be defined as, “Observing your thoughts, feelings and emotions without judgment.”

If you can sit and practice for at least 10 minutes daily- by simply being aware and observing-without judging the process you will find it becomes easier to practice over time.

In the book, “Letting Everything Become Your Teacher” by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the chapter on “Re-Minding” says it all. “Given all the momentum behind our doing, getting ourselves to remember the preciousness of the present moment seems to require somewhat unusual and even drastic steps. This is why we make a special time each day for formal meditation practice. It is a way of stopping, a way of “re-minding” ourselves, of nourishing the domain of being for a change. It’s a way of “re-bodying” too.

As I share with my coaching clients, the most important thing is not about emptying the mind and having no thoughts. The most important key to remember in the meditation practice is how you treat yourself when thoughts come up.  In other words, be aware of your thoughts, but don’t judge yourself for having them.

Take some time each day and to give the gift to “Re-Mind” your being.

Namaste~ cathie


How often do you make time for a Mindfulness Practice?  What are your biggest challenges? Share your thoughts below!

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