3 Ways to Re-Gain Your Power: Living Life on your own terms- from Powerless to POWERFUL.

April 30, 2015 2 Comments

Living Life on your own terms- from Powerless to POWERFUL!

Living Life on your own terms- from Powerless to POWERFUL                                  (Three ways to re-gain your POWER)

One question:  Are you living life on your own terms? As you ponder the answer, think about what “on your own terms” means to you.

 We all want to feel in control of our own destiny, but how many of us feel stuck in the rut of same-old-same old?  Are you ready to reclaim your power and to enjoy Living Life on your own terms? 

In my own life and in the lives of people I work with; it is sometimes hard to get out of the cycle of complacency. You get comfortable and maybe you feel a stirring of discontent, but it isn’t really enough to stand up and shake it off. You may feel a bit off kilter but can’t identify its source?  You are living each day by tending to the tasks of surviving, but are you really living?  Take a moment to sit with these questions and then listen to your answers. 

Transformation doesn’t have to be the “hit by the cosmic 2×4” kind of change. We’ve all had that at some point, and it can be quite an upheaval.  We’ve all heard the nudges and whispers of the inner self and we’ve ignored it or made excuses.  Then, WHAM, we get whacked by the “cosmic 2 x 4” to force change upon us. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so dramatic.  Sometimes it is just one small step that can move us in the right direction.  Doesn’t that sound more palatable than change being forced up on us? 

Since I like to keep things simple….(breathe in)…..and easy…(breath out)….the first place to start is with a renewed commitment to getting back in control and to lead a more Heart Centered life~

If you’ve taken a more resigned approach and think that you can’t make the changes you want, think again.

Here are the steps that show you how to move from feeling Power-less to feeling Powerful! I share these steps with my clients, and I use them in my own life!

Commitment– Start with this moment to re-new your commitment to your life and your journey.  When you accept where you are right now, it helps to bring your awareness back into the present. Accept the feeling/emotion that is up for you and check in with your body.  From this point, you can take stock of what is in your life, thus identify what can stay and what needs to go. It is in the accepting and not resisting that can help take you to the next step. Give yourself permission to change.

Clarity– The next step is to get very clear on where you want to go. What is it that you want? Sit down with your journal and make a list of 10 or more words/ qualities that make you feel alive again. (examples: Compassionate, Peaceful, Joyful, Bold, Caring, Present, Energetic, Courageous) you get the idea.  Once you’ve identified the top 10, narrow your list to the three that speak to your soul the most. Don’t “think” about the right answer, but allow what is in your heart at this moment. View the situation from a higher perspective, so you can regain the feeling of being empowered.  Feel all of your energy returning back to your core.  This must happen before you can focus on what to do next. Once you’ve identified your 3 words, set your intention to embody these traits and write them on an index card. Although these change often for me, my over-riding one reads ‘ AWAKE, AWARE, and ALIVE.  What are your words?

Connection– This is the step where  you have re-connected with your highest and best self. Now the vision for your life can begin to unfold. This is the 3rd step, but by no means the final one.  After you’ve pulled in all of your energy, you are now ready to listen more fully to the inner callings of your soul.  No more excuses, or denials- just a firm commitment to re-gain your POWER.  After you’ve made the connection, just ask for guidance for the next step. Trust that it will unfold for you, then follow the stirrings of your heart.

Once you RE-Commit to yourself, Re-Clarify your vision, and RE-Connect  to your best self to regain your POWER, you will send a message to the Universe that you are ready. Taking these steps will help you to live life on your own terms!

InJOY~  Catherine


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December 20, 2016

Thank you Melody for your deep thoughts!! Yes, we are all in the “drivers seat”….. Love it! ~cathie


December 20, 2016

“Living Life on your terms” “Regain your power”, I like that. How do we do that? Ask yourself, “am I really enjoying life” or just “flying by the seat of my pants”. If the response is the latter, you need to do something to change that.

As they say, “life is not a marathon its a journey”, therefore, you need to enjoy it,feel it, and be able to change it, to adjust your life and to make it more hopeful, pleasant and happy – with you being in the driver seat.

Awake your inner-self to a high perspective and you will see your life unfold with unbelievable positive results. Melody

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