May 2015 Newsletter


“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”


What is your definition of play and how often do you do it? Sometimes when the heart feels heavy, we can’t connect with that which brings us joy- but when we are able to manage a tiny opening into the depths of a closed heart, the light that gets into that opening helps to widen it further.

How can you rediscover your sense of joy? When was the last time you laughed a deep and hearty laugh? We humans are a tough bunch and can be attached to our drama and our stories. It is time to break free from the heaviness and let your heart be truly open! When you reconnect with Joy, you gain insight and perspective.

This spring, awaken to the song of the Earth all around you. Celebrate Mother’s and all things maternal and feminine (men can do this too)! Capture the awakening of the creative spirit and see what blossoms within you.

Let’s continue to blossom and stay in our peaceful center….


Cathy, Cathie, cathy, Catherine, Caterina, Crystal Lady, Meditation Mama

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