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3 Ways to deal with overwhelm

Looking for strategies to deal with life in a more heart centered way? Does distraction, disruption, and disorder rule your day?  What do you do when your mind is on over-drive and thoughts are bombarding you from every direction?  Some people get that heart pounding, out-of-control feeling and don’t know what to do next. Others go into avoidance mode and simply shut down.  Whatever your typical response has been in the past, here are 3 ways to deal with overwhelm to re-train yourself and make more conscious choices.

In my work as a Transformational Life Coach, I often help people to navigate the steps of dealing with the dreaded panic associated with overwhelm.  

So, what can you do when there is so much to do, in so little time? Aside from the typical –take a deep breath- advice what are some sound methods to deal with overwhelm? We know that the feeling of overwhelm is situational, take a look at what area of your life you are feeling that intense pressure.  Knowing these strategies can help you find relief and will give you the basic tools to take your next step.

The following 3 steps are based on a simple technique that I teach to my clients- and they report more relief and with practice it becomes more of a habit!

3 Simple Ways to deal with overwhelm – otherwise known as “Get out of your Head and into your Heart:

Stop for a moment and close your eyes

Do an inner check in and ask:

   1) What am I feeling?  (Presence)

   2) What do I want/need?  (Prioritize)

   3) What’s my next step? (Proceed)

Ask these questions quickly and allow the first answer to emerge without judging it.  You may want to journal the answers first; or as you become more familiar with this technique, you will learn to go with your first responses. 

As you gain practice with this process, it will become a routine way to help lead you back to center and to live life more fully from your heart!

From my heart to yours,  cathie

If you find these tips helpful please share your experiences below  and if you have ones of your own, please share those too!

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6 Responses


February 15, 2017

Hi Diana!! Happy to hear that you find these little ideas and inspirations to be helpful!


February 13, 2017

Love your inspirational and helpful ideas. Every little bit helps to make the day go better. Thanks


October 12, 2016

Hi Yolanda! So happy to hear that these steps are helping you! It feels so great when we are able to stay focused and accomplish~ even the smallest of tasks. I love to share the tips that help me in my own life!!!


October 11, 2016

I have been very conscious of the 3 steps that you have outlined regarding staying focused and accomplishing projects, etc. Love to get assistance in some things that are easy but hard to do. thanks


October 08, 2016

Glad you find them helpful, Kathleen! I find them to be so helpful in my own life~ I love to share these reminders with others!

Kathleen Bart
Kathleen Bart

October 08, 2016

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful techniques and ideas, Cathy. They are wonderful reminders and reinforcements!

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