June 2015 Newsletter


Every day, your life can be a meditation. Every commute to work, every interaction, every bit of drama, every fear, joy and all emotions- are an opportunity for you to stand full-on, in your power. Every day, you can choose to consciously create a higher and more positive life. Yes, even when the stuff hits the fan, you can choose to tap into the flow of higher divine wisdom. You can ride the wave and stay in your center and balanced. Even when you are a bit wobbly, it is important to be mindful of all your thoughts. When you flow with the higher energy and choose to surf instead of getting sucked in, you will create a more positive experience. Every day provides the opportunity to keep your vibration up and not get pulled down by lower energies, old patterning, thought forms, etc.

Life as we know it provides us an opportunity to continue to awaken within the dream and consciously choose the direction life will take. This is the practice of bringing spirit into the physical- no matter what is being hurled your way. Your task is to stay in the peaceful center.

Can you sense the magic all around? Can you tap into the flow of the Divine Love energy? This month is a turning point for many as they continue to shed the old and allow the new to fully anchor in. Consciously choose to lift your vibration higher and be aware and vigilant of your thought process. How many times a day are you tough on yourself? Self-forgiveness and releasing old patterning will help you recognize your divinity within.

The following is a quote from Neal Donald Walsh:

…that the mind and the soul must work together
if you are to experience true bliss.

Try not to spend too much time exclusively in your mind.

It is a magnificent tool, but it has a limited perspective.

Try not to spend too much time exclusively in your soul.

It has a much wider perspective, but you cannot negotiate
physical life from only that place. If you could, you
would not have been given a mind.

Here is the trick: balance.

Spend some time each day nourishing and exercising
the mind and the soul.  You know how to do both.

So do it!

Wow, it seems to be true- that as we bring more balance into our lives, the better we feel. Yet, this is difficult for some because of ingrained patterning. The mind is always going. I meet so many people who are searching for more peace in their lives. The shop, which is a haven for so many, is a space for one to experience renewal and retreat from daily life. My life’s work has been about creating a sacred and serene place. Although, for now, the shop will remain in the current location- no matter where/when it moves, the intentions will always remain. It has always been about connecting to spirit on such a deep level- and for providing the opportunity for others as well.  There is such beauty in simplicity.

What a joy it has been for me to hear some wonderful comments lately. People are sharing with me how much the shop and these newsletters have meant to them. My heart grows in knowing that my intentions of spreading joy are validated.   To be sure, my life has been touched in many ways by the many souls that I have encountered. Some have come through the shop doors in magical ways, some I’ve never met – except through the websites. But to all, I am truly grateful for all of the joy!

Renewal and release are what the current energies are all about. Are you noticing how your body feels at different times of the day? Are you honoring when your body needs a rest? Honor yourself and all of the processes that we are currently experiencing- each in our own way. Remind yourself to live each day as a meditation, check in with your body and note how you feel. Go with the flow, and see if that can help you feel more balanced in your life.

Have a joyous June!


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