Relax! Top 5 Recommended Stones for Relaxation


Relax! Top 5 Recommended stones for Relaxation

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients is: “What stones do you recommend that can help me to relax?”

Since 1989, I’ve been helping people to learn different ways and techniques to make positive changes in their lives. One of the primary tools I suggest is to carry or wear genuine crystals or stones.(I use these terms interchangeably)  When the stones are in our energy field, they help to serve as reminders of our intentions. If your goal is to reduce stress and to be more relaxed in your daily life, then carrying or wearing specific stone can serve to keep you mindful of that intention. It is important to remember, that these recommendations are purely informational. If you are experiencing any severe symptoms, please seek out the properly trained medical attention.

Although there are many varieties and other stones that can suit this purpose, here are the top 5 that I include in my recommendation:


~all purpose healing stone

~helps to calm and soothe

~helps with sleep issues

~can help to ease headaches

click here to see: Amethyst Heart Stone (also available in a Power Bracelet)


~Brings in Angelic presence

~helps to calm and soothe

~deep peace and tranquility


Click here to see!  Angelite Heart Stone (also available in a Power Bracelet)



~High Lithium content

~Extremely calming and soothing

~Helps with deep, peaceful sleep

Click here to see! Lepidolite Power Bracelet  (also available in a Heart Stone)



~very calming stone

~helps with sleep issues

~strengthens bones and teeth

Click here to see: Howlite Power Bracelet  (also available in a Stone Angel, and a Heart Stone)



~Brings pure white light energy onto the earth plane

~Helps one in meditation and purifying energy

~Enhances communication with one’s higher self, angels and guides

Click here to order! Selenite Heart Stone


*Of course, these recommendations are purely informational based on my years of experience  and are not intended to diagnose or cure any ailments. Please seek out the proper medical care by trained professionals to complement any course of treatment.*


EnJOY~  cathie


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  • cara on

    I LOVE every one of these stones! Thank you so much for this list~

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