Why Gratitude Rocks


Why Gratitude Rocks…

“For it is in giving that we receive”– Francis of Assisi

It’s so inspiring to hear stories by people who are sharing Gratitude Rocks

Gratitude Rocks are randomly chosen stones from Jewels of the Lotus. For over 12 years, I have been giving out Gratitude Rocks at the end of every class, workshop and as Thank You for every purchase.  These gifts come with a card that says: “Gratitude Rocks and so do you!” Each one also comes with a card explaining the healing properties of that particular stone.  My favorite part is when I hold out the basket filled with these little beauties, I ask them to close their eyes and pull out a stone- to see what their message is. I’ve seen grown men get all excited to see what stone they’ve chosen. Everyone loves to read the message of the stone!  The card also says, to keep the stone if it resonates with them, if not, it may be meant for them to pay it forward to someone else!

What a JOY it is to give out Gratitude Rocks! Ride the flow of the energy of gratitude!

Enhance your life with a pouch of gems/crystals to share freely with those who touch your life. This inspiring “pay it forward” idea helps to keep the energy flowing and will open your heart even further. A great way to show your gratitude!

Together we can make the world a better place. Click here to order:  Gratitude Rocks

Gratitude Rocks are also available to purchase in quantities of 12 or 30. They are also available in custom quantities and custom orders (where you choose the stone/s!)

Here are some of the creative ways that people are choosing to do with Gratitude Rocks:

~Add to Grab-bags as party favors

~Keep a bowl at the desk to help inspire co-workers

~Carry a bag full and give them out to cashiers, or at the drive thru or leave at table with a tip for your server

~Party/Wedding Favors (individually chosen for each guest)

~Stocking Stuffers at Holiday time

~Corporate Event parting gifts

~A dance teacher in Las Vegas bought to give out to her students

~A Real Estate professional who puts out a bowl-full at every Open House


I’ve heard so many inspiring and wonderful stories from people who have gotten exactly what they have needed.  Giving Gratitude Rocks is much more than giving a stone; it is a way of Giving someone the boost that they need, or handing them a reminder to tap into the courage they already have. 

Gratitude Rocks serve as “touchstones” (pun intended) to remind people of the gifts they already possess. 

One of my favorite personal stories: 

A few years ago, I was with my son (who was a teen at the time,) and we were at a local take-out restaurant.  The server who took our order was clearly unhappy and not very friendly.  After a moment of thought, I reached into my purse and pulled out a Gratitude Rock. I told the young woman that I had a gift that I wanted to share with her.  The expression of disbelief was apparent, but when she saw that I was sincere in wanting to give it to her; she softened.  The change in her demeanor was palpable!  She was pleasant and friendly and went out of her way to make sure that we were happy with our order.  My son said to me, “Mom, did you see the way she changed?”                                                                  Over the years, we’ve continued to do this at other stores, and always people are appreciative. (even if they are a little suspicious at first)

Everyone loves to Give and everyone loves to Receive!  They are not “magic beans” but they do carry with them the energy of hope and love.  Gratitude Rocks allow people to tap into what is already within!         And, that is why GRATITUDE ROCKS!   

Order yours today~  http://www.livinglotusgroup.com/product-category/gratitude-rocks/

InJOY~   cathie

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