Selenite Heart Stone
Genuine Selenite Heart
Genuine Selenite Heart Stone
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Selenite Heart Stone

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Introducing the stunning Selenite Heart Stone – a powerful crystal that exudes pure white light energy. Each heart-shaped stone is carefully polished to perfection and measures approximately 2 inches .

Whether you carry it with you or gift it to a loved one, this Selenite Heart Stone is the perfect way to infuse your path with positive, uplifting energy. With its ability to enhance communication with one's higher self, angels, and guides,

Selenite is an invaluable tool for those who seek to deepen their spiritual practice. It's also a great aid for meditation and purifying energy, helping you to clear your mind and achieve a deeper level of peace. Not only is this Selenite Heart Stone a powerful tool for spiritual growth, but it's also an aesthetically pleasing addition to any space you display it in. It looks fantastic arranged in a dish or on a shelf, reinforcing your intentions and enhancing the positive vibes in your environment.

Each Heart Stone comes packaged in its own organza pouch, ready for gift-giving or safekeeping. We pride ourselves on conscious gift-giving, so we use only 100% recycled and recyclable packaging materials whenever possible. Hurry and add this Selenite Heart Stone to your collection today! Visit our store to find more inspiring heart stones or browse our full collection of crystals and stones. The positive power of Selenite is waiting for you!