The World I KNOW!

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"There is nothing I can tell you
That you do not already know.
There is no question that you can ask me
That you Yourself cannot answer.
You have just forgotten."
~ David Littlewood

The World I KNOW....

To be honest, when I was younger, I used to hate it when people would tell me I already knew the answer.... ha!
Fast forward- to now; I KNOW my answers lie within....
I just have to get still enough to hear.
That's definitely the challenge in today's world.
For many of us! (including me!)
It all starts with remembering who we truly are!
Last week, I wrote about my own personal challenges and struggles for most of this year- and I'm so touched and honored by the amount of mail I received, offering words of support, kindness and compassion.                                                            
I AM GRATEFUL- and please know that I'm okay!!.                                                                     
Many people see the world as falling apart, and are feeling anxious and scared about the future.                                                                                                                 
Well, I'm not here to disagree, but I will tell you another perspective.
The things that are falling apart are things that were based on greed, selfishness, blatant disregard for the earth and the environment.
Many people are waking up to the fact that things can't go on like before; and are beginning to change themselves and how they participate in the world.
It all starts with energy.
What is the energy (via thoughts, random acts of kindness, etc) that you are putting out into the world?
It's your TIME!                                                                                                              
Remember who you truly are: A being of light and energy- having a human experience. Inner Peace is always within you.
Bottom line: The world I know is filled with more light than dark, more peace than chaos, more kindness, more heart, more soul.
The world I know is people like you who live courageously from your heart.
Keep listening to the voice within, the soul whispers that happen in the shower, out for a walk, or when you immersed in a creative process.
That's where the magic happens.
Wishing you an amazing week, filled with love, peace and joy.                                           
 It's time to transform your life from the inside out-                                                         

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