Celebrate the Little Victories

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"Sometimes you get what you want.
Other times, you get a lesson in patience, timing, alignment,
empathy, compassion, faith, perseverance, resilience, humility,
trust, meaning, awareness, resistance, purpose, clarity, grief,
beauty, and life.
Either way, you win.”
~Brianna Wiest
I love this quote, but I want to go deeper...
Every day feels like we're in the game of life.
We get to choose our thoughts, feelings, emotions.
Every Day, we get to choose.
We get to move forward in love and with open arms- or with fear and trepidation.
Sometimes it's a combination of all.
So I stop and ask you this:
How often do you celebrate your little victories?
You know- the little things that feel good after we do them. And, sometimes (not always)they eventually add up to big changes.
For example, going for a walk after dinner every night- and you find you are sleeping better (better digestion too)
Cutting down on carbs at at least one meal per day?
Choosing to put the phone down (in the other room) for 10 minutes a day
Being totally present during a conversation; without busting in with your own thoughts and opinions.
Sending thoughts of kindness and compassion to the idiot who just cut you off in traffic.
Stay with me here:
Life is a series of events that ebb and flow. It's our reactions that make the difference.
This week, I ask you to celebrate your little victories- and keep moving forward!
Lastly, I leave you with this:                                                                                         
"Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
- Chief Seattle
Wishing you an amazing week, filled with love, peace and joy.
 It's time to transform your life from the inside out-

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