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“Every month that passes is

a stepping stone for my personal

growth & personal evolution.

October, here I come!”

~ Shawn Fontaine

Not sure about you, but my life is pretty much been turned upside down.... for personal reasons that I won't go into- suffice it to say that I've been run through the wringer-
it's been like the universe testing me to "practice what I teach!"
Each day, I wake up and before I jump out of bed, or check my phone (it's in the other room), or even start the thoughts about the day ahead- I do this first.            
I STOP!                                                                                                                    
This is important so I can stop the rush of thinking in its tracks.
When I stop, it gives me a chance to pause, ponder then proceed into creating my day.
I give my gratitude to the UNIVERSE, and acknowledge the blessings of my life.
It is from this point, that I move through my day with mindfulness.                             
What brought me to this newfound re-dedication to my practice?
I FELL off the rails.                                                                                                    
Me, a fairly calm and peaceful person- started giving into fear-based thinking, worry, and other less than desirable traits.
So, what did I do?
I reached out for support.
I can't tell you how amazing it was/is to receive support. Someone who didn't judge me, didn't offer to fix anything, didn't even offer advice.
Only support that lead me to formulate my own plan.
And, you know what resulted?
I RE-COMMITED TO MYSELF and my continued spiritual growth!
And, I'm here to tell you that in a short amount of time (a few weeks, really)- my life has turned around.
I feel more:
~committed to my journey
~more connected to my higher purpose
~more in control of the river of thoughts (and I can stop myself when I'm going down a path of negativity)
~clear about the direction I'm heading
What made the difference?                                                                                      
I felt seen, heard and safe.                                                                                    
I realized there's nothing to fix, because nothing was broken.                                
So, I ask you this:                                                                                                    
Imagine you had someone who stood with you; held you up, guiding you, walked beside you as you took your next steps forward, didn't judge you, met you exactly as you are...                                                                                          
Imagine what that would feel
to HAVE a customized plan to help you through the rest of this year.                        

That's what "Get Back on Track" coaching is all about.

Think of it as a jumpstart to your future of meaning, purpose and clarity.
It's like a laser-beam designed to pull you out of the mud; and get back on track with a clear path forward.
If you've been feeling a bit wonky lately, off the rails, or general feeling out of balance- please reach out to me!
I'm HERE to support you!!
And remember,

=>Today is the day to build the tomorrow you want.<=                                           


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