Mind Makeover Series #4- TRUST YOURSELF

April 26, 2021

Trust is believing in yourself

"“The best spiritual guide… is the one inside”"
The Mind Makeover series continues.
#4 Trust Yourself
This week is all about learning to trust yourself. Follow your intuition and let your heart lead the way.
True Story:
I worked with a client who was a brilliant business woman. She was smart, funny and very successful- except for one thing.
She doubted herself nearly every step of the way. Her feelings of inadequacy or not-enough-ness permeated her life.
She felt that at 62 years of age- it was always meant to be this way.
She felt stuck, flawed and deeply broken (those were her exact words)
In our first coaching session; I said these words to her- that she later told me changed her life-
"You're not broken and there's nothing to fix."
She sat there stunned.
Her mind was trying to comprehend; but her heart was already catching up to the truth of those words.
Instinctively- she knew this to be a deep truth.
Our subsequent sessions were spent exploring her limiting beliefs; where she was able to pinpoint some of the origins. We began working on her gaining confidence and self esteem.
Releasing years of guilt, shame and other lower emotions, she realized that it was up to her to create a new life and go after the dreams she held in her heart.
After about a year, she left her soul sucking job- and moved to an area and town that nourished her.
Once she was able to identify with her wants and needs; she was able to follow the whispers of her heart.
Here's the plan we came up with:
✔1) Be aware of negative self talk. Who's voice is it anyway?
✔2) Learn to trust intuitive callings. Intuition is known as "God whispers"- and they are often quiet and calm. When we begin to silence the inner critic; we can hear our intuition clearer
✔3) Develop a healthy relationship with self.. Be your best friend, lovingly parent the inner child and take extra special care of self.
🌻The result?
Creating a new-found relationship with herself was not always easy- but the reward was everything.

I LOVE helping people turn their dreams into Reality!💥

Have a great week! I'm Celebrating YOU,
with so much love,

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