Mind Makeover Series #2- DE-CLUTTER

April 19, 2021

Mind Makeover Series #2- DE-CLUTTER

"Less is the new more"

So, the Mind Makeover series continues.
This week I want to talk about clutter- or more importantly: De-Cluttering
True Story:
Back in 1988, I worked in Manhattan- and had first heard about Feng Shui (pronounced: Fung Shway)
through a couple of colleagues.
As someone who is intrigued about all things energy (yes, even back then); I learned as much as I could about this ancient concept.
Just imagine doing research in a world before "Mr Google" or the interwebs...
Anyway, I loved the concept of creating energy in a room and how that energy affects our lives. It's an intriguing philosophy- and the thing that stuck to me the most is the thing about "Clutter"
I learned that clutter represents un-finished business and that it serves to drain our energy every time we look at it, or go into that room, closet or drawer.
JUST for this week, think about an area in your home (car or office) that has been nagging at the back of your mind. You've been putting it off because it's too overwhelming to think about- yet it is pulling your energy down.
The key is to approach it in manageable bites. For instance, I take 1 drawer, 1 table top, 1 corner at a time. When I do that, and work for a quick 10 minutes; I feel a sense of accomplishment- and that is what works for me.
When we focus on these tasks one at a time; we help to clear the "clutter" in our brains and help to make room for more of the good stuff to flow to us!

Ready to make changes and need help with direction or the next steps in your life?
What ONE thing can you clear away?
Have a great week! I'm Celebrating YOU,
with so much love, cathie
PS : I LOVE Helping People Turn Their Dreams Into Reality!
Feeling like you could be living a more meaningful life? Do you have some goals and dreams that you feel are slipping by?
Wishing you had some non-judgmental support in helping you with a step-by-step process toward meeting your goals?

I invite you to go to and grab your f r e e guide to authentic living.

You've nothing to lose, and an exciting new future to gain.
 "Catherine has a wonderful gift that she has skillfully developed. Her simplicity and power is a rare combination. She has a beautiful way of letting you do your own work and adding in support when needed. Her insights were right on and her suggestions will be easy to implement in that beautiful, subtle way that fosters the big changes. "   ~MR
"She’s a life changing life saver y’all - life is short- get happy !" ~AM

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