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“Just Because things didn't go the way you planned, doesn't mean they won't turn out even better.

Just because you made a wrong turn, doesn't mean it won't lead you down a better path.

Just because you thought you made the wrong decision, doesn't mean you won't end up in the right place.

Failed dreams can lead to a different success. Sometimes it takes losing yourself to find yourself again."




No one said life was easy.

And sometimes, it's downright hard!

Painful, messy amid all the beautiful and joyful and a whole lot in between.


But I'm here to remind you that no matter what is going on for you now; I assure you that things will change.


I also want to remind you that you've been through challenges before and things have a way of always working out.

Even if it's not what you planned.

I completely understand and I want to remind you to



We're almost at the end of September and sliding toward the end of this year.


Do you have a plan or even a vision of the changes you want to make in your life?


Can you imagine what life would be like if you started to move toward your dreams?



By the time you read this, I have just teaching 2 new workshops!

1) Awaken Your Intuition Tap into your inner knowing and find your answers within. You are a powerful BEing- walking your own path with your own inner guidance system. In this class, Catherine will provide you with the tools and techniques, and with some fun exercises and visualizations to help you access your inner world. You'll come away from this class with the exact steps to find the answers within.

2) Create Change- If you've been looking for clarity, focus and alignment, let Catherine teach you the exact steps to create lasting change in your life! In this class you'll learn about the limiting beliefs that have held you back (they're tricky to find); learn how to overcome overwhelm, and manage your motivation to find the inspiration to make the true and lasting changes you desire.


If these sound interesting to you and you'd like to know more, I'm thinking of putting together another video series and would love to hear your thoughts.


Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know!


Let's end September on a high note!


I ask you this:


Are You Living your Truth?


We are wired to live our full truth- and when we don’t , we feel out of balance. So, find what makes your heart sing, and move toward your destiny.


Let go…let go….and FLY!

Live life to the highest notes-




Wishing you a great week where you walk with

Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose!


love, cathie

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