October 2023- Harvest of the Heart

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Harvest of the Heart

“confess with me
your inner most thoughts,
your deepest desires,
your darkest secrets,
your most desperate longings,
for I shall not judge thee,
but embrace thee!”
-author unknown 
Welcome to October!
Where the crisp fall air makes us breathe deeper
and we crave warmer foods.
Where the chilly nights give us pause
to snuggle and cuddle in our warm homes.
Where we pause and review the year behind us
and how we want the year to end.
Where we take a moment and connect with our
deepest hearts desires-
and make the decision to
course correct. (or not)
Back from another beautiful weekend teaching at the Lodge at Woodloch Spa in PA and it was magical!
Getting to know people in such an intimate setting is such a gift and I'm very grateful (and blessed)
What surprised me the most is that when I asked
the particpants on each night- what do they want to bring back into their daily lives; they said things like:
"How to deal with stress!"
"How to be calmer"
"Inner Peace"
"How to make lasting changes"
"Not be so reactive"
"Deal with toxic people"
Fortunately, my classes addressed these and the guests came away with the knowledge and toolsand a roadmap to move forward.
This leads me to the topic this month:
The Deepest desires of your heart.
Find a sacred space, grab your journal and answer the following questions:
3 Questions:
1) What will I NO longer accept in my life? (no longer accept being bored, tired, frustrated, sad, broke, angry, etc)? Will you no longer accept how others treat you or how you treat and talk to yourself? Think of all the things you are fed up with in life and wrtie them down.... then state why you no longer want them to be tolerated in your life.
2) What should Life really be like for me? Describe what you want your ideal day to be like. Write about how you should feel, what you stand for, what you will create and give, how you will treat other people, what routines or practices you will commit to eveyday. Describe in detail how you want to feel, give and experience in life on a consistent basis.
3) What am I committed to making happen in order to create my ideal life? What are you willing to STOP doing, what are you willing to START and keep doing until you succeed? Write about the steps you will take to achieve this.
I would LOVE to hear how this exercise is for you.
Let's all have a great month
All Love, All Ways,

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