JULY 2022- News: BEing Peace

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“A healthy attitude is contagious
but don’t wait to catch it from others.
Be a carrier.”
– Tom Stoppard
Welcome to JULY 2022!
Every month, every week, every day; I talk about how to find Peace when the world seems to be crumbling around us.
I have the blessing of speaking to people from all over; and it's always the same.
Q: "How can I be peaceful in a chaotic world?"
A: "Begin by tapping into your inner peace"
While the only thing we can "control" is ourselves;
it makes sense to operate from the core,
and return to our center.
Consistently, and being very aware of when our thoughts turn to the past, or worry about the future-
we direct our attention to the present moment.
over and over and over again.
One of the key pillars to Optimal Wellness is to
be aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions through mindfulness (that's Pillar #2).
If you're ready to take your energy back,
(stop leaking it in worry or fear)
then, I invite you to consider the 6 Weeks to Optimal Wellness class!
(and KEEP READING to find out how M found calm and wisdom)
Are you moving toward a healthier life?*
If not: What's stopping you?
Time to throw out your excuses and your "yeah buts"
and keep reading....
The results the students are getting in the 6 Week Optimal Wellness Program are amazing!
Results like;
✔more peaceful, ✔calmer, ✔focused, ✔non-reactive, ✔accepting
Your course was amazing! It brought such calm and wisdom to me. I now have a roadmap to broaden my spiritual life . There are also practical practices that are easy to incorporate.
The content was powerful yet simple. Cathy was always accessible 🥰
I am grateful to be on a new journey thanks to you
Peace, M"
I'm truly humbled by her words, as I KNOW this course is exactly what you need
This is NOT just your regular ol' "get fit now" program- this 6 Week Optimal Wellness class is your opportunity to help you create a healthy, balanced life in ALL areas of your life.
Because everybody and every BODY has different needs- this program works because it has your specific needs in mind.
Take back your power and put yourself in charge of your health and wellness today!
What does Optimal Wellness mean to you??
Is it having ✔a healthy body, ✔a healthy mind, ✔a healthy home and ✔a healthy relationship with yourself?
How about "all of the above?"
Imagine having a tool, a plan, the exact steps and guidance to support you in creating a Happy and Healthy life- In all areas (body, mind and spirit).
ALL on your own time, and schedule!
That's exactly what we are going to do in the
6 Weeks to Optimal Wellness Self Study~
What's included:
Week 1: Clarity and Focus (includes powerful visioning)
Week 2: Going Within- (journaling, awareness, releasing limiting behaviors)
Week 3: Creating Sacred Space (clearing out clutter)
Week 4: Divine Dining (Mindful Eating transform eating habits)
Week 5: Dare to Dream Trust Yourself (Intuition), be aware of your boundaries and take back your power
Week 6: Living from the Heart! Gain mastery and confidence AND learn authentic living from a calm and peaceful center
🔥Are you ready to TRANSFORM your life?🔥
In just 6 short weeks, you'll be guided to incorporate all aspects of wellness and learning how to care for yourself at a deeper leve!.
If this sounds like something you've been asking for-
then keep reading!
FREE: Get the free Guide to Optimal Wellness- (packed with all the info you need to get you started on your own.
Grab your free Guide===> HERE
LOW COST: Get in on the course and begin it right after you sign up! Each week, you'll get the focused lessons with guided meditation, visualizations, journal prompts, and so much more for just $94 (I'm keeping the special price until June 30th).
Sign up===> HERE
PREMIUMIf you're ALL in and want the class, PLUS 1:1 "Back on Track" coaching with me- (3 indifivual sessions through out your 6 weeks), just add the 1:1 coaching at the checkout!
Sign up ===> HERE
Love you all!
catherine, Transformational Life Coach
PS: send a message if you want more details 516 759 1217

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