My Unexpected Houseguest 👀

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No one is so brave that he is not disturbed

by something unexpected.”

- Julius Caesar


 I don't know if Julius really said that- 

but I had a few "not so brave" moments this week.

 It was small, it was furry- and maybe if not on my kitchen counter

it would have been cute....but......👀

I was not prepared.


So, I screamed bloody murder; jumped up on a chair wielding a broom-

JUST LIKE in the cartoons!


I've been brave many times in my life, as I'm sure you have, but this was NOT one of my finer moments.


Fortunately, I was able to calm down quickly and

gather my wits to create a strategic plan.


As it was late, I put down all the essential oils I could find

(mice don't like peppermiint or clove oil)

and located the name of a local exterminator.


That was several days ago-

and a I write this, I'm looking forward

to our appointment tomorrow and a quick/humane solution.


So, you might ask how I regained my PEACE so quickly?


The answer is simple.


I practice what I teach.


This means that sometimes life is messy, ugly and really surprising. 

We can be handed a lousy deck at times and it sucks. 


There's no such thing as a perfect life-

it's how we HANDLE the unexpected

that makes all the difference.


🌹Coming into a place of acceptance 

🌹Making peace with what is

🌹Having tools and strategy in place to deal with anything

put on the path in front of us


These strategies and MORE are what I teach in the Optimal Wellness Class-

Imagine having the skills,tools and steps to help you navigate all of what life has in store for us-


ALL in a healthy and balanced way!

Just imagine with me!


If you've been feeling a bit out of sorts, and want to be more present and feel more fulfilled in your life-


Read ON:

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Whatever you decide, I'm here for you- 

Let's get you on the road to Happy, Healthy and Fulfilled!


OH- and let NOTHING disturb your inner peace, not even a mouse!

Love, Catherine 

PS: These past few months, I've taken many beautiful souls on a journey to wellness and so far the results have been outstanding!

"I FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF! I'm more introspective and I feel lighter. Definitely feel more Peaceful! I feel more calm and peaceful, grounded and not as reactive as I used to be. Feeling more like my authentic self as I went through the 6weeks." - Patti D

Are you ready to take the next step?

Ask yourself what it's costing you by staying where you are...

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