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“A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence,

so that’s very important for good health.”

– Dalai Lama


🦋Most of us dream of living a healthy and fulfilled life.***


We imagine what it would be like to have everything under control; in full command of our day, with a healthy body and in a loving relationship.


In truth; when we want to make changes ~ it requires a deeper understanding of the mechanics of change.


In other words; old habits die hard.

Sometime our patterning lies so deep that we might not even be aware of the core (where it began). 


 But, the reality is this. As soon as you begin to make any significant and positive changes in your life; the big "R" will come creeping in.  

That word is Resistance.


It is when you learn how to recognize this resistance; and even accept that it will be a part of your journey- that acceptance will help you to begin to overcome the fears and the "yeah-buts" that are always involved in making change.


Taking back your power is the key.  

My clients get results and we get there fast. 


What do we do differently?


 🌟Step 1: Make Peace and Let Go of the Past 

🌟Step 2: Be Kind to Yourself and Set Realistic Expectations 

🌟Step 3: Stop Obsessive Thoughts to Overcome Negativity                            

🌟Step 4: Embrace Fear of failure                                          

🌟Step 5: Reframe  Beliefs                                                  

🌟Step 6: Take Back Your Power and Carry Yourself with Confidence                      

🌟Step 7: Take Action NOW***


Ever notice that when you are fully committed to making changes;

when ALL of your energy is directed and focused to create a new habit,

or let go of self-sabotage~

that everything seems to flow easier?


You might be led to the right book, or have a conversation with someone that leads to the next step and to the next step. 


Gather a support system of like-minded folks who will not judge you; and will provide you with the needed encouragement to make these positive changes. Hire a coach who can help you take the steps needed to bring you to the life you desire.


Ready to Reclaim Your Power~ Take Back Your Life?


ALL in a healthy and balanced way!

Just imagine with me!




Join the Optimal Wellness Class! The 6 week self study class is available at the $94 price only for a few more days (going up to $497)


This class is a game CHANGER! 🔥🔥🔥


🦋 M says ===>" Your course was amazing! It brought such calm and wisdom to me. I now have a roadmap to broaden my spiritual life .

There are also practical practices that are easy to incorporate.

The content was powerful yet simple. Cathy was always accessible 🥰

I am grateful to be on a new journey thanks to you

Peace, M"


Are you ready to take the next step?

Ask yourself what it's costing you by staying where you are...


===>Yes, Catherine, I'm READY!

Sign up HERE


Have agreat week filled with LOVE, PEACE, JOY

and Optimal Wellness!


Not quite ready to commit? If you want to learn more about the 6 Pillars to Optimal Wellness, grab your F R E E GUIDE HERE


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