January 2024- Stepping into the New Year!

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Happy New Year!
I want to take a moment to share my love and gratitude for all of you-
Whether we know each other personally, or you've taken my classes, or if you simply found out about my offerings through the miracle of the internet-
pleae know that
~catherine epstein
Having said that, I'm super excited at the new possiblities
unfolding for all of us in 2024~ 
Quick story, a few months ago, a dear friend mentioned to me about creating a course for women over 60- her words were- "we are still a vibrant part of society, with no thoughts of being shoved in a corner to age quietly. There are many of us who still want to work, be of service and have purpose."
After our convo, I had another Divine Download and came up with the 
"Facing Forward" program-
If I say so myself, it could help you live with more clarity, cultivate self-compassion and gain mastery over your limiting beliefs! (self sabotage anyone?)
Let's face it, you know you've been ready for change-
but you realize you can't do it alone!
If that were true, you'd already have the results by now, right?
Well, that's okay---many of us are wired to do things on our own- it's when we realize that we can benefit from the support of someone who doesn't judge us and is a cheerleader for our success that we can really make the changes we desire!
So, what do I have up my sleeve? 😎
The exciting news is that I have 2 options for you in the New Year:
1) BACK ON TRACK- 6 week 1:1 Coaching Program, customized and designed just for you!! Still offering at pre-pandemic prices of $750 for the entire package (3 sessions, and so much more + Bonuses)? CLICK HERE
2) FACING FORWARD- Conscious Aging. A 6 week group program designed to help you (women over 55+) define how you want to age (with grace, empowerment and a bit of bad-assery)  
This class starts mid-January on Zoom and it's going to be amazing! Join us as we dive deep into the three pillars of reflection, connection, and direction to help you navigate this empowering chapter of life. 🌼leave a comment or send an email to catherine@livinglotusgroup.com so I can let you know the deets and the earlybird pricing)  
Remember, you have the power to create the life you desire and deserve.
Together, we can unlock your true potential and guide you towards a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and inner peace.  
If you're serious about getting out of your own way and making this a breakthrough year, DO IT NOW! 
It look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your transformational journey.
Happy New Year wishes-
filled with
Gratitude and Peace
All Love, All Ways,
PS: If you are ready to break through your limiting beliefs and create a truly vibrant life- Check out all of our free resources!
Begin your journey HERE

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