A Quiet Mind is Possible ☮🙏

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“To listen to your soul, you need to quiet your mind."




Did you know that "Listen and Silent" contain the same letters?



let's be quiet for a moment. I have a question for you....


How are you faring through this Holiday Season!


Making time for yourself?




Here are some suggested ways to Quiet your Mind:


10 Ways to Quiet Your Mind


Here are some ways to help bring awareness back into the present moment.

Having taught these tips to many clients, I find them to be very helpful to relieve stress, worry, anxiety.


By focusing your awareness back into yourself in a loving and compassionate way; it helps to re-direct your thoughts with gentleness.


From that point, you can move forward and take action, and make decisions from a more loving space.


🌹Stop whatever you are doing and get outside and breathe in fresh air


🌹Come into full acceptance of whatever is in front of you without comparing it to what you think it should be


🌹Appreciate the beauty of Nature (A flower, a tree, the sky, etc)


🌹Reflect on a time when there was a miracle in your life


🌹Let go of any perceived stress in your life (even if only for a moment)


🌹Focus on having compassion for yourself and others


🌹Have a cup of tea while fully focused on the making and the drinking of the tea


🌹Straighten your posture and focus on your spine


🌹Set a timer for 10 minutes and sit with eyes closed focus on breath


🌹Remember to be very sweet with yourself.



I WISH YOU love, peace, support, happiness and





OH, and sneak peek for my upcoming class:


It's called:

Facing Forward- (Embrace Your Age)

I'm super excited to present a new course coming in January (details to follow in the next few weeks) to help you embrace the aging process

so you can walk with

Power, Peace, Purpose and Presence;

that will change your life in profound ways.



Happy and Merry!




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I LOVE to help people make peace with themselves

so they can quiet their minds,

and live more fully from their hearts- to walk with Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose.




Yesterday, I ran into a coaching client who told me that our work together has brought her back to finding her joy. She was so excited about the progress she's made in the past weeks and couldn't wait to tell me about it.

Don't walk this path alone, find the support you need- Life is all about connecting and living from the place of joy within.


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