The Art of Receiving

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“Receiving is harder than giving, son.

But gifts are made to be accepted.”

—Dani Harper, Storm Warned


This week I want to talk about receiving.


For most of us, we are great at giving!


We love to give gifts, compliments, help,

an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on.


BUT, I've noticed something a bit alarming throughout my coaching career-

I find that many of us have difficulty



Throughout our lives, many of us have been taught to

remain tough, strong and independant and that asking for help can be seen as a sign of weakness.


This also leaks into how we accept help from others.

I too suffer from this, so hear me out-


Even something as simple as receiving a compliment is a challenge.


What do I mean?


For the next week, notice how you respond when you receive a compliment.


Someone might say to you,

"I love your hair" or "Thats a pretty sweater"


and listen to what you say...


"this old thing?" or "OMG, my hair is a disaster"


I get it! (and I've done it myself)


Why do we deflect compliments or other offerings?


BECAUSE WE'VE BEEN TRAINED TO BE STRONG, INDEPENDANT, NOT TOO SELF-INDULGENT, and that anything that focuses on us- makes us uncomfortable.


There, I've said it!


What's more, is that this leaks out into us not being open to receive HELP.


Even when it comes to our emotional well-being and our longing to

quiet our minds, get unstuck and live a purpose driven life.


So, How are you planning on making 2024 a great year?


Here's where I come in...

I'm super excited to present a new course coming in January (details to follow in the next few weeks) to help you walk with

Power, Peace, Purpose and Presence

that will change your life in profound ways.


If you want to be on the waitlist to find out more; simply write in the comments below.


You'll be among the first to receive the full details and the special pricing.


Pay attention how you receive-

compliments, gifts, offers of help and Most of all, listen to how you speak to yourself.


Many people I know aren't very kind or compassionate with themselves. Are you one of them?

Many people I speak to say that they know what their blocks are~ but they still can't seem to get out of their own way

Just for today, notice your self-talk- and begin to flood your energy with self-compassion.


You've got this!




I LOVE to help people make peace with themselves

so they can quiet their minds,

and live more fully from their hearts- to walk with Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose.




Yesterday, I ran into a coaching client who told me that our work together has brought her back to finding her joy. She was so excited about the progress she's made in the past weeks and couldn't wait to tell me about it.

Don't walk this path alone, find the support you need- Life is all about connecting and living from the place of joy within.


Wishing you a great week filled with magic, peace and JOY!

love, cathie




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