Clarity Through Chaos

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“To gather together for healing

in times of great challenge and divide

is a personal


collective radical act of love.”

~ JA

(a participant in Meditation Class)



As we came out of deep meditation at the Singing Bowl class the other night, one of the participants spoke these deep words during the group share.


Her words (above) pierced my heart (in a good way) because they touched the chord of my soul and reminded me of our purpose on this earth.


These times are not for the faint of heart,

nor are they for the ones too immersed in the 3D World!


Retaining a sense of magic and wonder,

while navigating the challenges of every day living

is our task.


In a sense, we are straddling both realms.


Please remember who you truly are, and that you are powerful beyond measure!


YOU do have strength and fortitude to continue on ...

and remember that it's okay to let go

of things (and people too) that no longer serve.


Manage Your Energy:


✔Rest when you need it

✔Ask for help when you need it

✔Pause when you need it

✔Reflect before you respond

✔Say "NO" when you need to

✔Protect your energy as needed

✔Remind yourself to receive

✔Stop forcing yourself to do something


Find your community, reconnect with one another

and shine your light!





Have a great week filled with LOVE, PEACE, JOY



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