Change is in the Air-

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“I am aligned with my

true self & I am focused

on what matters most.”

~ Shawn Fontaine


How can you stay focused on what matters most?


First of all, where is your attention?


Are you too immersed are you in the 3D World?


How often do you remember that you're a cosmic being of energy ,

here on this earth plane to radiate out light,

and to help awaken humanity?


How often do you get caught up in the petty human things?


Oh, I don't know about you; but I have been feeling

Spiritual "whiplash" again.


You know the drill-

One minute you're all "love and peace"

and the next minute the whole world is ablaze.


Let's face it:

The energies in the world are especially intense now.

We're currently releasing anything that is not of the light; uncovering what is no longer serving us (and what needs to be released)


It's happening withIN us as well as the outer world.


And, yes it's true- but from a Higher Perspective,

You were born into this world, at this time,





What might that be, you ask?


How about BEing yourself-

You know...the true YOU.


The one underneath all the stuff that got piled on through life.

The expectations of others,

the limiting beliefs,

the false sense of "not good enough"

the negative self talk

the one beneath layers of regret


I'm talking about the REAL YOU- the energetic BEing.


 I invite you to spend a few minutes each day to re-connect

with the "real you"

Do this by just sitting and tapping into your heart center;

feel the flow of energy in and around your body.


Then, get out and shine your light into the world,

because we need it out there!


LASTLY, I want to remind you to ask for help:

✔Your Higher Self

✔Your Angels

✔Your Guides

and your

✔Human Support team.


Let's all focus on what matters most!





Have a great week filled with LOVE, PEACE, JOY




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Still a work in progress, but I invite you to take a look HERE

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