November News: The Gold Within

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Welcome to NOVEMBER 2022!

Life has certainly been interesting lately. 
Personally, I'm still being challenged on many fronts-
yet I'm adamant aboout sticking to my practice of returning to my peaceful center.
Many of my clients are also being challenged by some really "wonky" life situations.
And still, our work revolves around helping them to return to their peaceful center.
What do I mean by this?
I call it "The Gold Within"
You know, that place within each and every one of us where we are pure energy, light and eternal.
Have you forgotten that part?
It's okay- many of us get so immersed in our circumstances of the physical world; that we momentarily forget.
I fully get it! It happens to me too!
This month,
let's all set our intention
✔to tune inward,
✔to keep returning to center, 
✔remember our true nature,
and to
✔live our lives consciously from the GOLD WITHIN!

With the Holidays nearly upon us;
this is where our work lies.
NOW, more than ever.
Wishing you a magical Month filled with
love, peace, and joy.
Extra prayers for World Peace.

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