Outside My Comfort Zone....Wayyyyy out!

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“Today, I am doing what I know

I need to do. I am listening to my

true self, and through my actions,

I am giving life to new patterns,

new habits, and new ways

of expressing myself.”

~ Shawn Fontaine




“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

~ Neale Donald Walsh



This past week, I did a thing.


I accepted a part-time position in a fine jewelry store.

Long story short, they needed a Graduate Gemologist (that's me) to come and help through the holidays- and to help them with the retail part.


I've been pivoting my business; and this seemed like a perfect

fit to soothe my restless soul.




Some of you know, I began my career in fine jewelry; and then transitioned into healing work, life coaching, sound healing, teaching and writing.

Then I had my store for 15 years; and was able to merge it all- until it (running a retail store) made me weary.


But here's the wild part of this story-

Although I accepted this position,

because I feel it is an important step in my journey-

It is a big unknown.

And, the biggest thing, I was unprepared for was the



The night before my first day, I laid out my clothes for the morning.

I planned out the time to leave (it's a 35-40 minute commute)

I even set my coffee up the night before and packed my lunch (and included a snack)

Throughout the night, I kept waking to peek at the clock to make sure it wasn't time to get up.


So, what was the anxiety from?

Certainly not the job; I know diamonds and gems- and the jewelry business.


The anxiety stemmed from stepping out of my comfort zone,

doing something new, with new faces in a new environment, with new personalities,

(remember the first day of school or any job you've ever held?)


So there I was, on the morning of my new job-

preparing, but not really knowing what the day ahead had in store for me.

On the commute I really had to be MINDFUL of my brain as it was trying to feed me "what if" scenarios...like a kitten with a new toy; the thoughts bounced around and grabbed it's claws on the new curtains.


Luckily, my teachings and trainings kicked in-

and I was able to access my healing tools


I told myself

✔to be bigger than my fear,

✔to act from my future Self,

✔to stand in my power,

✔to practice self-care

✔to honor my needs,


✔to shine my light.


So, I took a big, deep, belly breath-

called in all of my energy

and walked in the door of the shop.



Standing fully in my power as I walked through the doors of my next chapter.




Wherever you are in your journey of life; I GIVE THANKS for you!

Many blessings to you and your families during this Holiday Week.


Happy Giving Thanks day to all!

Have a great week filled with LOVE, PEACE, JOY



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