What a crazy week!

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“If you don't like something, change it.

If you can't change it, change your attitude.”

-Maya Angelou






Life is interesting, isn't it?


One day, I'm plodding along my merry way and then things change in an instant! 


Actually, for me, it was a series of 'instants.' (or unfortunate events)


First, my car was sideswiped while parked! - I was out listening to music; enjoying myself with friends and then I head to my car (parked down the street)- and found the bumper

sitting on the hood with a note:

"this is the plate # of the guy who did this" 👀


Second: Next morning, I get a call that a dear friend had a stroke and they were transporting her to another hospital. (I raced to the nearby hospital just before they loaded her into the ambulette) 🙏


ThirdNext day, I get in the shower- when after a few seconds in, water goes ICE COLD! (the 20 year old water heater had it's last laugh) 🚿




All of this is on top of handling the myriad of paperwork associated with handling the estate of a family member- we are in the final stages of completion (after a year an a half!)-

Not going to lie, that's been draining on its own.


Many years ago, I would have crumbled under even just one of these things, I would have felt like a victim - "why does stuff always happen to me??"


YET, when I took a breath (okay, quite a few breaths); I realized that I really had come so far!


One of the biggest things I teach is that

life is always going to present challenges to us...


✔some deep shit is going to happen,

✔people are going to leave us,

✔cars are going to get dented,

✔we are going to have health challenges,

✔things will fall apart.

✔things ultimately work out


It's how we handle these challenges that count.


Fortunately, I have the training and perspective to understand that life is just being life- these thing are relatively minor (my friend will be okay) -

But the most important thing I realized is:



to ride through this storm!


From this perspective, I'm filled with GRATITUDE


I fully trust in the Universe and I know that everything will be well.


How about you?


STAY TUNED: I've got some amazing things happening and will be sharing more in the coming weeks!


In the meantime;


Have a great week filled with LOVE, PEACE, JOY!




PS: If you want to get started on the journey back to yourself: grab your f r e e guide HERE

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