August 2022 Newsletter- Feeling the Heat ? 🔥

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“Wellness, I came to realize,
will not happen by accident.
It must be a daily practice,
especially for those of us who are more susceptible
to the oppressiveness of the world.”
- Jenna Wortham
Welcome to AUGUST 2022!
Does this sound familiar?
You feel grateful and blessed for your life,
but you feel something is missing.  
It's frustrating because you want to make some changes,
you even know what you need to do,
but something is holding you back.
You've tried all the fads, some lifestyle changes, even worked on your mindset...but things stay pretty much the same.
Maybe if you just set your intention and were a bit more motivated, you could see results.
But, you try for a few days- and then things go back to the way they were.
You are NOT ALONE!
There are a lot of people out there just tolerating life.
Settling for so-so.
Giving up on their deepest desires and even a little embarrassed by what they want.
 Are you one of them?
If you feel like life is passing you by, but you think you lack the energy, passion, time, or knowledge to change things,
I have news for you.
It is NOT too late, my friend.
I am living proof that the very best years of your life can begin after 40!
My work is created on the foundation of this belief:
The mid-point of your life isn’t about settling; it’s about getting STARTED!!!
Think about how it would feel…
🌹To greet each day with energy and enthusiasm
🌹To have a loving relationship with yourself that fills you up instead of leaving you empty
🌹To know you’re living a meaningful life that is making a difference (and making YOU happy)
And what if you could have all of that by investing just 6 weeks in yourself?
What if I told you that my new class- 6 Weeks to Optimal Wellness could give you the step-by-step way back to feeling like your true, authentic self?
Ready to blend the practical and the spiritual to help move you forward?
it's your last chance to get in on the BETA price
(ENDS July 31st)
Take the course on your own, or add the 1:1 Coaching Package
for additional support.
You can check out more by clicking the button below. 
The results the students are getting in the 6 Week Optimal Wellness Program are amazing!
Results like;
✔more peaceful, ✔calmer, ✔focused, ✔non-reactive, ✔accepting
Your course was amazing! It brought such calm and wisdom to me. I now have a roadmap to broaden my spiritual life . There are also practical practices that are easy to incorporate.
The content was powerful yet simple. Cathy was always accessible 🥰
I am grateful to be on a new journey thanks to you
Peace, M"
I'm truly humbled by her words, as I KNOW this course is exactly what you need
This is NOT just your regular ol' "get fit now" program- this 6 Week Optimal Wellness class is your opportunity to help you create a healthy, balanced life in ALL areas of your life.
Because everybody and every BODY has different needs- this program works because it has your specific needs in mind.
Take back your power and put yourself in charge of your health and wellness today!
What does Optimal Wellness mean to you??
Is it having ✔a healthy body, ✔a healthy mind, ✔a healthy home and ✔a healthy relationship with yourself?
How about "all of the above?"
Imagine having a tool, a plan, the exact steps and guidance to support you in creating a Happy and Healthy life- In all areas (body, mind and spirit).
ALL on your own time, and schedule!
FREE: Get the free Guide to Optimal Wellness- (packed with all the info you need to get you started on your own.
Grab your free Guide===> HERE
LOW COST: Get in on the course and begin it right after you sign up! Each week, you'll get the focused lessons with guided meditation, visualizations, journal prompts, and so much more for just $94 (I'm keeping the special price until June 30th).
Sign up===> HERE
PREMIUM: If you're ALL in and want the class, PLUS 1:1 "Back on Track" coaching with me- (3 indifivual sessions through out your 6 weeks), just add the 1:1 coaching at the checkout!
Sign up ===> HERE
Wishing you a magical Month filled with
love, peace, and joy.
Extra prayers for World Peace.


PS: Check out the F  R E E Guide to Optimal Wellness HERE

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