The Light Within

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The Light Within


Serious talk here.


How are you doing?




So many of you are experiencing some major challenges.

(and if you're not, I bet you know someone who is)


I really appreciate this community and I


Thank you to all who have written me to share you particular challenges - both inner and outer.


We're all being asked to let go of things that no longer

serve us. Letting go willingly, or the universe will

find a way to end things for us.


But, there's hope in these times.

We have the power within us to ride through this storm

and to make a difference in our world.


It's all about doing small things with great love.


I am reminded of thes words I wrote some time ago.


When you honor your authentic self;

the energy is sent out into the universe

in ever increasing ripples-

much needed waves of Universal energy

that impacts those around us.


Read that again.


For me, this is a great reminder to stay tapped

into our inner being, our authentic self, our true energy.


The energy at this time is truly transformational, yet it can be scary, up-ending, overwhelming and exhilirating (sometimes ALL at the same time).


You'll see evidence of this in the outer world

as well as looking at your own life and those around you.


So many have been hit by the cosmic 2 x 4

It's up to us to stay anchored in our peaceful center.


It's extremely important to stay tapped into

The Light Within


Sometimes, though- it's challenging. We can "KNOW" that we are spiritual beings, but it's all too common to get caught up in the 3-D world-

and forget our true nature.


That's where I come in.


If you're needing support, help and guidance through this phase of your journey- please keep reading



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We all have our own journey.



Wishing you a wonderful week

filled with Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose


All love, All ways,



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