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Happy Giving Thanks Day!

by Catherine Epstein November 18, 2016

Happy Giving Thanks Day!

This month is all about flowing with gratitude – and the vibration of gratitude. We are continuing to shed so much of the old, re-visitng old issues, and continued digging deep- that we will surely get to the golden essence at the core of our being!

What more do you want out of life? To be more grounded, balanced and present?

Living more as our authentic selves, we make our choices based on what feels right to us, not what others think or what we think we are supposed to do. Our decision making process is evolving to a state where we combine discernment, awareness, and love to sift through the myriad of input. This is all about staying very clear- in our emotions, thoughts, energy field. Being very mindful of our creative process at all times will help to manifest a more abundant life. We know that focusing on beauty and gratitude, will bring more of that to us. Conversely, the energy that goes into worry or fear will create more of that …so, focus your energy into love and support and allow more of that into your life!

Being aware of thoughts at all times, and the space before the thought will help to hone our skills of creating. We are powerful creators with the ability to create a life beyond our wildest dreams! It is the energy of lack and limitation that can go behind the thoughts, and muck up our creations. How we feel about ourselves, any judgments we may have, lingering doubts and limitations will all propel forward into the creational mix. It is with these extraneous thoughts and baggage, that sometimes our creations are less than desirable.

It takes courage to face the world within and to be grateful for even the tough lessons.

Being along for this ride and being fully focused on one’s growth is no easy task. You always have choice. It is best to make your choices with full awareness. As Yoda once said: “Do or do not,…there is no try.”

What is imperative to remember in the creative process is that your thoughts and beliefs are what magnetize or attract your situations to you- so if you have limiting thoughts or beliefs from an old paradigm- that is what your creation will be borne from. In other words, what you attract- will be the sum of all of you. Conscious or not. This is why releasing all old patterns, etc is so important. Even little gaps in how you perceive your reality can manifest in less than stellar creations. You don’t want your creations looking like swiss cheese. So, part of conscious creation is coming from the aspect of your whole self. Discernment is a powerful part of your essence. It helps us to tap into the inner radar in our core that helps guide us. Learn to trust yourself and what your body is telling you. Looking at life from the view of your higher self- all of a sudden, the seemingly impossible drops away. You know you are a powerful being of divine, radiant light

Keys to get to the gold essence within
~honing our ability to discern truth from illusion
~making choices from the heart
~being very mindful of our thoughts
~staying in the flow of gratitude and love at all times
~looking inward with grace and acceptance
~forgiving ourselves for any perceived mistakes.
~know what distractions are pulling you off center
~create from a place of stillness, not frenzy

So let’s all go for the GOLD! Dive deep into the waters of your beautiful heart, resonate with gratitude and move forward in pure, golden heart love. When your heart flows with gratitude, peacefulness prevails in your heart and all is right in your world!

Happy Giving Thanks day-





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Catherine Epstein
Catherine Epstein


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