Feeling Overwhelmed? Here's some Real Talk

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"In the stillness of the quiet, if we listen, we can hear the whisper of the heart giving strength to weakness, courage to fear, hope to despair."

— Howard Thurman



This past week, I was with my women's group and we were discussing the state of the world and how we handle the news.


We laughed, we cried, we cheered each other on.


It was a good talk, Real Talk.


We talked about the struggles and challenges that the past few years have wrought and how we have been forever changed by recent events.


In between holding space for one another to share our current lives;

I found deep gratitude for this community of like-minded women.


As we shared our feelings (and tears) about the most recent events,

I pointed out that it is import to honor ALL the feelings

even tho some might be overwhelming.


We talked about how it is possible to feel the myriad of feelings that are coming up for so many of us at this time.


I suggested to the group that they honor these feelings and it's okay to express the sadness, grief while also feeling gratitude, joy and even laughter.


I certainly don't profess to know it all, nor do I recommend hiding your head in the sand- but I do work with many sensitive souls and life can be overwhelming (especially at this time)


So what can we do? How can we manage our own energy?


My answer is to keep coming back to your natural state of PEACE.




HOW to return to your natural state of PEACE>


Although I AM a fairly peaceful person, even I can get upended sometimes.


Thankfully, I have the tools within me to process and quickly return to my natural state of PEACE.


If you're a human being , living in this world at this point in time,

I guarantee things can get rough or messy.


It's how we respond that matters.


This week, I ask you to notice when you're feeling

a bit wonky or out of sorts or even overwhelmed


Place one hand on your heart, and one hand on your belly and BREATHE.


Remind yourself that you are a BEing of light, energy and so much more than your physical (ego) self.


Just take a breath and BE peace with me! From there, you can send out peaceful vibes into the world!


And, if you need additional support, please

check out my free resources page to help you.

Click HERE





Lastly, I created this video back in March 2020- the world was just going into the shutdown mode, and the pandemic was spreading.

It's 5 Ways to Stay Calm and its seems

very appropriate for these times.

👀Watch it HERE


Please take good care of yourself, your heart and your soul.


Wishing you a great week where you walk with

Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose!

love, cathie


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