Access Your Inner Power

March 09, 2021

Access Your Inner Power

"Your PEACE is your inner power, and your superpower"
💥At the close of my classes, meditations and workshops; I always end with this closing statement~
"Take Your Peace With YOU, fill yourself first and share it with the rest of the world...because we need it out there"
It is our true nature to know that we are pure energy; and that our very purpose in life is to be aware of this fact.
When we can be very diligent about minding our own thoughts and energy and to follow your joy.
Our "human" experience is always leading us to expansion, understanding and awareness.... even through all the tough lessons.
When we can come to the realization that we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience, we can more easily control our own reactions to circumstances in the outer world.
In other words, the only thing we can control is our reactions to these external forces that are beyond our control.  Staying tapped into the power within will help you through.
In this world of outer distractions, where is so much vying for our attention; it's important to keep being mindful of our energy.
This is what I mean about accessing the your INNER POWER
===>Here are 3 steps to try:
✅STEP 1) Take a pause in the moment and connect with your body
✅STEP 2) Connect with your inner being-ness
✅STEP 3) Share kindness with everyone you meet
What would the world be like if we all did this?
Find out more at - get started on your journey to inner peace and get your f r e e guide: 5 Steps to Live More Fully from Your Heart.

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