The Myth of Perfection, The Gift of Imperfection, the Blessing of Introspection

March 07, 2021

The Myth of Perfection, The Gift of Imperfection, the Blessing of Introspection

That's a LONG title for sure! 

Here's the thing-  Here, in the year 2021- we are finally being asked (pushed, really) to let go of the old beliefs and patterns that have held us down, held us back, and caused us to play it really small.

Long standing beliefs that we had to stay quiet, keep the peace and play "nice." are now ready to be routed out.

 THE MYTH:  Where did we come up with the (mistaken) idea that we had to be perfect? That we had to wait until things were just "so"- before we could fully live our lives?

What's the bottom line?   No body is perfect


THE GIFT:   We are deliciously flawed and messy and wrapped in swaddling blankets of imperfections and that is what makes us so unique. There are such gifts in these flaws, like the way a flaw give a diamond its personality. Your quirks and bits of weirdness are what make you unique- so I implore you to let go of the notion that you have to wait until things are "just right" before you release your work into the world.  

What's the bottom line?  Embrace your uniqueness.

THE BLESSING:   Make peace with yourself, warts and all. Take time to sit in meditation, or introspection (as I like to call it) and focus on your true self. The one self within that is beyond the human experience.  Within each one of us is the golden truth- of our our inner light. Self-acceptance, love yourself fully- and celebrate the miracles.

What's the bottom line?  Your imperfections make you beautiful

Celebrating YOU, with so much love, cathie


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