What's YOUR Secret Dream? (I'll tell you mine)

February 14, 2021

Word stone in Green Aventurine with DREAM on it

“Celebrate your own special spirit,
fly on the wings of your secret dreams”
                                               ~Laurel Burch                                                                                                                                   
We all have secrets. 💕                                                                                                  
Secret dreams, wishes and desires that we keep close to our hearts.
We dare not speak them, afraid to give them wings that will carry them off- never to be seen again.
We dare not speak them so they stay close to us; and safe in a comfortable cocoon.
We dare not share them, so they stay imaginary and free from judgment.
As you read this, think about your own secret dream... let yourself breathe life into it, as you contemplate.                                                                                      
Is it a dream you had since childhood?
Is it a recent dream that has resulted in a new found passion, hobby or other creative spark?                                                                                                        
Before I tell you mine, I want you to re-visit your own dream for a moment and imagine the possibilities in a world with no limitations
You see, we are destined for so much more in this life and it's not what you think. It's not about successful career, house, or a new set of wheels in the driveway. It's not about bigger, better, faster.
Life is all about being who you truly are.
We are simply here to awaken to our true nature.                                                         
Being human has it's perks-
We get to taste the raw emotions, we get to stew in the ups and downs of the experience, we get to chew on the messy, the ugly and the beautiful. (hungry yet?)- We get to decide how to make changes to move toward our dreams.
So, what's my dream?
To follow my heart.
Actually, my dream was to have a gem and crystal store- where I could serve people, teach classes, have a healing room in the back and lead meditations.
THAT DREAM came true- and it was amazing! It's where I met many of you reading this now- and
and now; am moving toward the next one?                                 
"What's that?" you ask.                                                                                                        
Over the next few months, stay tuned as I roll out my next phase!
Look forward to fun stuff and offerings that will get you uncovering the stuff that holds you back so you can move toward living your dreams!
But for now, I invite you to get really quiet, sit with journal and pen.
Ask your heart, actually- whisper to your heart:
"tell me what you really want."
Listen closely to the answer!
Isn't it time you FOLLOW YOUR HEART?

If your answer is YES!

Then, I invite you to head over to and grab your free guide: 5 Steps to Live More Fully From Your Heart

love, cathie

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