Believe it or Not, The Choice is Yours

August 19, 2015

Image of sky, clouds and rainbows;

“Beliefs are thoughts you continue to think…”

~Abraham  (Abraham-Hicks, The Vortex)

 Believe it or not, the choice is Yours. Change your beliefs and change your life!

 What beliefs do you currently hold about yourself?  Are you a strong, loving, wonderful human being with many gifts to share?  Or do you have a belief that you can never get what you want, or are deeply unlovable?  What do you hold up as true for yourself?

Sometimes these beliefs are held very deep within .And learning about them can give us answers as to why we sabotage ourselves in life.  Maybe we felt we were not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough and we incorporated them into our own being.   Beliefs we may have acquired along the way- maybe being told to us by critical voices, or by those who had their own fears-that are not true to our core essence.

Now is the time to review the deep beliefs that you hold and to reclaim the ones that are of truth.  You are a loving, beautiful being with many gifts to share and all you need to reclaim that power is to stay true to your vision.  When you feel yourself dropping into the abyss of self-recrimination- your task is to take notice and ask yourself what feels true to you.  Emotions are the key that will point us to where we are not aligned and we can learn to recognize quickly when this drop in energy happens.   When we notice this drop, the awareness of the truth of our core essence can help to bring us back into alignment.  Simply ask yourself if it is true for you that you are not worthy.  Step back into the higher plane of empowered receptivity.  Look out at your life from the truth- and own it fully.  Use your vision and become inspired to create.

What is your inspired vision? And what gifts can you freely share with the world? Can you be the visionary of the future? Take the next moment to think of what you gifts you can share with the world…the innate gifts that you can give freely. Maybe you can give gift of a loving heart, beautiful artwork, touching poetry, an awesome smile, a majestic garden, your courage, deep joy, an intuitive ear, joyous music and lyrics. Perhaps, the gift of your life story  will help others to overcome similar challenges. Consider the gift born of a deep desire to make this world a far better place for our children and their children.

This is the time to make a plan to plant a new belief system!! Plant trees, plant seeds, plant your desires, water them with deep love and watch what blooms.

Believe it or not~  the choice is Yours!




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